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  • Nordic Holiday Gourmet Collection

Nordic Holiday Gourmet Collection

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USD 236.39
The Gift Consists Of :

• Cloetta Christmas Foam 200g
• Fishemannen Christmas Herring 365g
• People's Fenal Year Oppdal 80g
• Grimstads Old-Time Cucumber 585g
• Grimstads Old-Time Beets 585g
• Jacobs Mulled Mix Raisin 125g
• Jacobs Spicy Mulled 0.75l
• Minde Merry Christmas 290g
• Nidar Favorites Christmas Bag 34 0g
• Nuts Company Christmas Nuts 150g
• Tind Cured Sausage Elk Juniper Berries 80g
• Tine Edamer F45 850g
• Gilde Christmas Pick Round Bit Ca350g
• Everything Delivered In A Nice Snow Box!
Embrace the essence of a Nordic winter wonderland with our exclusive Nordic Holiday Gourmet Collection, a delightful assortment of seasonal specialties carefully curated to evoke the cherished traditions and flavors of the region. This exquisite ensemble captures the spirit of the holidays, showcasing a diverse array of culinary delights housed in a charming snow box.

Indulge in the festive flavors of Cloetta Christmas Foam, 200g of sweet confectionary bliss that embodies the joyous atmosphere of the season. Experience the cultural significance of Fishemannen Christmas Herring, 365g of traditional Scandinavian herring, a customary delicacy for celebrations.

Explore the culinary heritage with Grimstads Old-Time Cucumber and Beets, each 585g, presenting authentic Scandinavian flavors that add a touch of nostalgia to your festivities. Delight in the aromatic Jacobs Mulled Mix Raisin, 125g of dried fruits perfect for infusing warmth into your holiday recipes.

Elevate your celebrations with Jacobs Spicy Mulled Wine, 0.75l of a spirited blend capturing the essence of Nordic winter gatherings. Enjoy the festive Minde Merry Christmas, 290g of confectionary delights that reflect the holiday cheer.

Savor the delightful Nidar Favorites Christmas Bag, 340g of assorted chocolates, and the Nuts Company Christmas Nuts, 150g of carefully selected nuts that add a crunchy indulgence to your celebrations. Experience the unique taste of Tind Cured Sausage Elk with Juniper Berries, 80g of savory goodness.

This collection extends beyond flavors with Tine Edamer F45, 850g of creamy Edam cheese, and Gilde Christmas Pick Round Bit, approximately 350g, providing a well-rounded selection for your holiday feasting.

The Nordic Holiday Gourmet Collection encapsulates the warmth, traditions, and culinary excellence of Scandinavia, making it a perfect gift for indulging in the festive spirit or sharing cherished tastes with loved ones.

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