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  • Nordic Festive Culinary Ensemble

Nordic Festive Culinary Ensemble

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USD 236.39
The Gift Consists Of :

• Finsbråten Christmas Ham Honey 110g
• Folkets Fenalår Oppdal 80g
• Gilde Christmas Ham Beech 170g
• Gilde Christmas Pickle 100g
• Grimstad Saurk Cabbage Old Time 450g
• Heimstölen Rhabra Marmalade 156ml Hervik Solberry
• Pickle 320g Lia Farm Honey From Sørlandet Rørose
• Flat Bread W/Cranberry 190g
• Rørose Biscuits Ginger Cookies 190g
• Askim Strawberry Jam 370g
• Askim Apple Cheese Fl 0, 33l
• Askim Bringberry Juice Ready To Drink Fl 0.33l
• Balholm Lemonade Shelfflower Fl 0.75l
• Rose Biscuits Sweet 190g
Dive into the rich tapestry of Nordic holiday traditions with our meticulously curated Nordic Festive Culinary Ensemble. This assortment encapsulates the heartwarming flavors and heritage of the region, presenting a delightful array of delicacies and treats bound to elevate your seasonal celebrations.

Delight in the Finsbråten Christmas Ham Honey, 110g of premium ham infused with honey for a delectable sweetness. Savor the Folkets Fenalår Oppdal, 80g of cured mutton leg, an iconic Norwegian specialty symbolizing time-honored culinary practices.

The Gilde Christmas Ham Beech, 170g, offers a savory delight, complementing the Gilde Christmas Pickle, 100g, for a festive twist. Experience the comforting familiarity of Grimstad Saurk Cabbage Old Time, 450g, evoking nostalgia with its authentic flavors.

Indulge your taste buds with Heimstölen Rhabra Marmalade, 156ml, offering the tantalizing taste of rhubarb. The Pickle 320g from Lia Farm, infused with honey from Sørlandet Rørose, delivers a unique blend of sweet and tangy notes.

Complement your culinary journey with Flat Bread W/Cranberry, 190g, and Rørose Biscuits Ginger Cookies, 190g, adding a delightful crunch and warmth to your festivities. The Askim Strawberry Jam, 370g, and Askim Apple Cheese Fl, 0.33l, offer a symphony of fruity flavors.

Explore the unique taste of Askim Bringberry Juice and Balholm Lemonade Shelfflower, both 0.33l, providing refreshing sips of Nordic essence. Conclude your gourmet experience with the sweetness of Rose Biscuits, 190g, for an exquisite finale.

This Nordic Festive Culinary Ensemble harmonizes traditional flavors and contemporary delights, presenting a tasteful journey through Nordic culinary heritage, making it an ideal gift for savoring the holidays or sharing the essence of Nordic cuisine with loved ones.
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