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  • Festive Delights Sampler Box

Festive Delights Sampler Box

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USD 179.19
The Gift Consists Of :

• Deer sausage, 70g sliced
• Troll ham 70g,
• Santa's favorite sausage 200g
• Christmas coffee
• Snowflake
• Toffee
• Belgian Truffle Chocolate with caramel 150g
Embrace the holiday spirit with our Festive Delights Sampler Box, a delightful assortment curated to enchant your taste buds and spread the joy of the season. This captivating collection features a delightful array of flavors and treats, perfect for indulging in the warmth and festivity of the holidays.

Savor the rich flavors of the season with a selection of savory meats. Indulge in the Deer Sausage, thinly sliced at 70g, offering a taste of the wild with its robust and savory profile. Delight in the Troll Ham, 70g of premium ham that exudes smoky goodness, adding a touch of festive indulgence to your palate. For a larger treat, enjoy Santa's Favorite Sausage at 200g, a flavorful delight that captures the essence of the holiday season in every bite.

Experience the comforting aroma and rich taste of the Christmas Coffee, specially crafted to envelop you in the cozy essence of the holidays with every sip.

Enhance your festive experience with delightful accompaniments. Adorn your holiday table with the intricate Snowflake, adding a touch of seasonal charm to your décor. Indulge in the irresistible sweetness of Toffee, a classic treat that encapsulates the essence of the holidays in its buttery richness.

Round off your indulgence with a decadent Belgian Truffle Chocolate infused with caramel, weighing 150g. Its luxurious blend of smooth chocolate and creamy caramel offers a moment of pure indulgence, perfect for celebrating the sweetness of the season.

The Festive Delights Sampler Box is a symphony of flavors and delights that captures the magic of the holidays, allowing you to create cherished moments of joy and gastronomic indulgence during this special time of year.

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