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  • Gourmet Delights Basket

Gourmet Delights Basket

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USD 233.09
The Gift Consists Of:

• An oval wicker basket in size 33×26×13 cm. Bacon sausage from Smedstuen Gård, 300 grams.
• Red wine sausage from Smedstuen Gård, 300 grams
• A glass of homemade apple jelly, 212 ml
• Potato flatbread from Holmen Crisp, 210 grams
• Potato seasoning 60 grams in a paper box
• Strawberry almonds 130 grams
• A bottle of Ringi apple cider, 75 cl, Aroma.
Indulge in a culinary journey with our Gourmet Delights Basket, a curated selection of artisanal treats and flavorsome accompaniments crafted to elevate your dining experience.

Nestled within an elegant oval wicker basket, discover the rich, savory delights of Bacon Sausage and Red Wine Sausage from Smedstuen Gård, each weighing 300 grams. These expertly crafted sausages promise a tantalizing fusion of flavors, perfect for those who appreciate fine meats.

Complementing the meats is a jar of exquisite homemade Apple Jelly, meticulously prepared to capture the essence of fresh apples in a delightful 212 ml glass. Its sweet yet tangy profile offers a perfect balance to savory dishes.

Accompanying these savory indulgences is a pack of Potato Flatbread from Holmen Crisp, weighing 210 grams. These crispy delights are a testament to traditional craftsmanship, offering a delectable texture and taste that pairs wonderfully with the sausages or the apple jelly.

To add a touch of culinary flair, the basket includes a box of Potato Seasoning, a 60-gram blend designed to enhance the flavor of dishes, allowing you to create personalized gourmet experiences at home.

As a sweet surprise, savor the Strawberry Almonds, a 130-gram delight that combines the nutty goodness of almonds with the luscious sweetness of strawberries, providing a delightful contrast to the savory elements.

Completing this gastronomic ensemble is a bottle of Ringi Apple Cider, a 75 cl offering from Aroma. This refreshing cider, crafted from the finest apples, offers a crisp, fruity taste, serving as a perfect beverage to accompany the gourmet feast.

The Gourmet Delights Basket is a celebration of artisanal craftsmanship and culinary excellence, a thoughtful gift for connoisseurs and anyone who appreciates the finer pleasures of gastronomy. Whether enjoyed personally or shared with loved ones, this assortment promises a symphony of flavors and textures to tantalize the taste buds.
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