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  • Delights: Culinary Fiesta Hamper

Delights: Culinary Fiesta Hamper

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USD 119.79

The Gift consists of:
• Olivada de Aragón - Feine Paté aus schwarzen Oliven
• Paté Ibérico - Herzhafte Paté vom Ibérico-Schwein
• Pimientos rellenos de hongos - Mit Pilzen gefüllte Paprikaschoten
• Grüne Manzanilla Oliven ohne Kern 80g
• Salsa Tumaca - Tapas-Sauce Bruschetta mit Tomaten und Knoblauch
• Allioli - Spanischer Knoblauchdip
• Tomate seco en aceite - Getrocknete Tomaten
• Crema Catalana - Dessertmischung Katalanische Creme
• Tapas-Snack Nuss-Mischung Finca La Rosala
• Picos Artesanos Gourmet Obando Tapas-Gebäckstangen
• DOS COPAS - Vino Tinto 375ml D.O. Utiel Requena
• DOS COPAS - Vino Blanco 375ml D.O. Utiel Requena

Indulge in the flavors of Spain with our carefully curated gift set, a symphony of exquisite tastes capturing the essence of Spanish cuisine. This culinary assortment brings together the finest treasures from the Iberian Peninsula, promising an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Dive into the richness of Olivada de Aragón, a refined paté crafted from black olives, and savor the robustness of Paté Ibérico derived from the revered Ibérico pork. Delight your palate with the tantalizing Pimientos rellenos de hongos, stuffed with flavorful mushrooms, and relish the zest of Grüne Manzanilla Olives and the aromatic allure of Salsa Tumaca, a tomato and garlic tapas sauce.

Experience the authentic Spanish essence with Allioli, a creamy garlic dip, and the savory delight of Tomate seco en aceite, sun-dried tomatoes steeped in flavorful oil. Indulge in the luscious sweetness of Crema Catalana, a dessert mix capturing the essence of Catalan cream.

As you explore this treasure trove of tastes, discover the delightful crunch of Tapas-Snack Nuss-Mischung Finca La Rosala, a nutty blend complementing the Picos Artesanos Gourmet Obando Tapas-Gebäckstangen, artisanal breadsticks perfect for pairing with your favorite flavors.

To complement this culinary journey, two exquisite wines await—a Dos Copas Vino Tinto, rich and nuanced, and a Dos Copas Vino Blanco, crisp and refreshing, both sourced from the prestigious D.O. Utiel Requena region.

Embrace the spirit of Spain, share in its culinary heritage, and delight in every bite as you embark on a sensory adventure through this carefully curated selection, a celebration of Spanish gastronomy in one captivating hamper.

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