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33 Products Available
  • Basket Of Belgian Treats
    USD 165.31
  • Luxury Gift Basket
    USD 151.72
  • Basket Of Sweets And Baked Goods
    USD 109.57
  • Wine &  Chocolate Gift Basket
    USD 144.46
  • Belgian Beer-Laced Mix Basket
    USD 99.63
  • Box Of Belgian Candy
    USD 128.71
  • A Belgian-Themed Gift Box
    USD 134.08
  • Champagne Paired With Savoury
    USD 164.29
  • Gift Basket  From The South.
    USD 100.86
  • Pasta And Red Wine 
    USD 104.39
  • Pasta And Bubbly 
    USD 116.31
  • An Appetiser Of Foie Gras
    USD 128.72
  • Champagne Premier Candies Basket.
    USD 146.64
  • Pasta Sauce And Other Italian Treats
    USD 91.75
  • Promotional Candy And Coffee Baskets
    USD 174.76
  • Champagne  Candy Basket
    USD 186.94

Gourmet gift baskets comprise fruits, chocolates, dried fruits, nuts, energy bars, cheese, wine, and other consumable and non-consumable things. A gourmet gift basket is the ideal way to show your loved ones how much you care and to make any celebration memorable.


Wine and gourmet food gift packages


  • White and a bite gift basket for the Wine Lovers 

If they like a nice sauvignon blanc, they will be thrilled with the wine and these delicious savory snacks that comprise this gourmet gift basket. Develop a present basket with sauvignon blanc, garlic and herb gourmet crackers, assorted marinated olives, caramelized balsamic relish, organic crispbread, wasabi peanuts, and spicy lime almonds.


  • Champagne celebration gift basket

This elegant champagne celebration gift basket is the perfect way to show gratitude or celebrate something special. Include a bottle of brut champagne, toasted almond butter wafers, raspberry meringues, hibiscus flowers, and walnut fudge in the gift basket.


Special occasion gourmet gift basket ideas for everyone


  • Vegan gourmet gift basket for your Vegan Friends

This is the ideal gift basket to make for your vegan friends or family, since it contains delicious vegan foods. Include maple pecan gluten-free cookie, maple pecan toffee, organic raw flaxseed crackers, hemp seed marinated goat's cheese, spiced sprouted sunflower seeds, and dark chocolate licorice.


  • Premium whiskey gift basket

Create a stylish and luxurious whiskey gift basket by pairing a single malt with delightful gourmet foods. Include single malt scotch whiskey aged for 12 years, spicy pretzel flats, antipasto olives, orange chocolate macadamias, chili mustard, black olive tapenade, dark cocoa chili almonds, and luxury crackers.


Gourmet food gifts for the ones who are a great foodie


  • Hot sauce gift pack

This gift package of a variety of hot sauces from across the globe is going to blow the mind of anybody who is passionate about hot sauce. This gourmet food gift will blow their minds since it includes thirty distinct hot sauce variations sourced from all around the globe for them to sample. Gift it on its own or include it into a gastronomic or artisan gift basket that you've put up yourself.


  • Gourmet green tea gift set for the Tea lovers

This collection of flavored gourmet green teas housed in attractive tins would make an excellent gift for anybody who considers themselves a green tea fan. A lovely teapot with an infuser will set your gift out from the rest.


FAQs about Gourmet Gift Baskets in Netherlands


  • What's in our Gourmet gift baskets?

A quality gourmet gift basket brimming with European favorites such as Belgian chocolates, wonderful savory nibbles, sweets, and more would be an ideal way to surprise Spanish family or friends. Or zoom in to discover our Cheese and Breakfast Gift Baskets.


  • What is a gourmet gift set?

Our gourmet gift boxes include wine and cheese as well as savory and sweet treats that are unique, interesting, delightful, refined, and of the greatest quality. Each component of our gourmet gift baskets has been carefully selected to complement and enhance the others.

he others.

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