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  • Basket Of Belgian Treats
    USD 165.31
  • Luxury Gift Basket
    USD 151.72
  • Basket Of Sweets And Baked Goods
    USD 109.57
  • Wine &  Chocolate Gift Basket
    USD 144.46
  • Belgian Beer-Laced Mix Basket
    USD 99.63
  • Box Of Belgian Candy
    USD 128.71
  • A Belgian-Themed Gift Box
    USD 134.08
  • Champagne Paired With Savoury
    USD 164.29
  • Gift Basket  From The South.
    USD 100.86
  • Pasta And Red Wine 
    USD 104.39
  • An Appetiser Of Foie Gras
    USD 128.72
  • Candy Basket With Cookies
    USD 124.71
  • Basket For Wine Lover
    USD 134.08

Fine wine for Fine Dine 

Grapes are used in the production of wine; however, the grapes used in winemaking are not the same kind of grapes that are used to make table grapes. Grapes grown specifically for wine are highly specialized. 

Grapes are very sugary fruits that come from the species Vitis vinifera. Grape seeds are protected by a strong husk, and the fruit itself is exceptionally juicy.


  • Cabernet Sauvignon 

Bordeaux was the region that pioneered the widespread cultivation of the full-bodied red grape Cabernet Sauvignon. It is presently the wine variety that is eaten the most often all over the globe!

The higher levels of alcohol and tannin that often accompany these wines give them a fuller body and an aftertaste that is drawn out and lingers for a longer period of time than other wines.


  • Zinfandel 

Zinfandel is a kind of red wine that is made in Croatia. It is also known by the name Primitivo. It has a flavor that is neither very light nor overly heavy, but rather somewhere in the center. 

An aftertaste that is both fruity and spicy, and one that lasts for a respectable period of time. Despite the fact that its well-known offshoot, White Zinfandel, is pink in hue, the Zinfandel grape variety itself has a dark red tint.


  • Chardonnay 

The first considerable numbers of Chardonnay grapes to be planted in a country were discovered in France, which is also the country in which the grape was initially farmed. France is also the country that produces the best Chardonnay wines. 

A Chardonnay that has been aged in oak barrels has a flavor that is reminiscent of bourbon due to the similarities in the two beverages' aging processes. Apples and other citrus fruits are commonly detected in the bouquet of wines that have not been aged in wood. The name of the white grape variety that is grown and harvested in Burgundy is Chardonnay.


Popular Wine Gift Baskets


  • Best Red Wine: Gourmet Gift Baskets

It's easy to put together the perfect wine gift basket with nothing more than a bottle of wine and some nice nibbles. This Gourmet Gift Baskets selection comes complete with a bottle of wine that has received positive reviews as well as three more delicious treats.


  • Wine & Cheese Pairing Collection Gourmet Gift Baskets

 Is this something you're willing to do? Each month, the receiver of your gift will get one bottle of wine and one cheese that has been carefully chosen to suit the wine.

You may try combinations like Manchego cheese with a merlot, goat cheese with a moscato, or chardonnay with truffled cheese.


  • Gourmet Wine Best Wine Gifts Baskets with Chocolate

When it comes to spoiling oneself, wine and chocolate are two indulgences that you can never go wrong with. This gourmet candy basket is the perfect present for those who like drinking wine since it includes instructions on how to pair chocolate and wine together. 

They will enjoy trying out a variety of chocolate and wine pairings, so don't be afraid to be creative.


FAQ ABOUT Wine in Netherlands


  • Which gift baskets may be sent to Netherlands?

The contents of our wine baskets, which include red wine, cheese, crackers, cookies, and biscotti, as well as a cheese board and spreader for your picnic basket, are all included in the purchase of our wine baskets. 

 Our collection of gift hampers that are available for delivery in Netherlands is unlike anything else you will find anywhere else on the internet.


  • What are the greatest wine sampling gift baskets?

You have the option of selecting from a selection of gift baskets that already include the finest savory and sweet snacks to go along with the wine that is included.

One of our favorites is the Champagne & Chocolates Basket, which includes a bottle of Champagne and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Both of these components are a part of it.

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