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  • Ultimate Gourmet Gift Collection

Ultimate Gourmet Gift Collection

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USD 524.9
The Gift consists of:

• 1 Great Selection Palette Jewels of the Serranía 4.5kg approx.
• 1 Bottle of Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whiskey 50 cl.
• 1 Bottle of Nordes Atlantic Gin
• 1 Bottle Rum Contrabando Añejo 5 Añejo Dominican Republic 70 cl.
• 1 Bottle Cava Extrisimo Bach Brut Nature
• 1 Bottle Red wineRioja Gardingo Crianza
• 1 Bottle Penedes Rosé Wine Ermita d'Espiells from Juve Camps
• 1 Assorted case of mini nougats Red Label supreme quality Antiu Xixona 150 g.
• 1 Crunchy Chocolate Nougat Bar supreme quality Antiu Xixona 150 g.
• 1 Crema Catalana nougat bar Antiu xixona Red label 150 gr.
• 1 Torras White Chocolate Bar
• 1 Case of Stracciatella Florbú Wafers Cookies 195 g.
• 1 Bar Dark chocolate 70% Torras
• 1 Mantecados E. Moreno mini assortment case 120 g.
• 1 Case of Antiu Xixona Classic Cocoa Truffles 100 g.
• 1 Case of Garcinuez Tea Pastes 180 g.
• 1 Piece IBedul acorn-fed Iberian chorizo 250 grs.
• 1 Piece Iberian acorn-fed salchichón Ibedul 250 grs.
• 1 Jar Truffled Goose Pate with Armagnac Zubia 190 g
• 1 Case of Nestle Red Box chocolates 100 g
• 1 Can of La Masrojana anchovy-stuffed olives
• 1 Package Palax ground coffee 250 grs.
• 1 Lavega wedge cured mixed cheese 200 g.
• 1 La Estepeña cinnamon stars case 100 g.
• 1 Rifacli Duetto Case
• 1 Bag of Torres French fries with Mediterranean salt
• 1 El Pajarero Dried Figs Bag
• 1 Jar of Cojonudos white Asparagus 500 g.
• 1 Set of Christmas Lights
Ultimate Gourmet Gift Collection is a grand celebration of gourmet delights and libations, carefully curated to create a symphony of tastes and pleasures. This luxurious collection offers an opulent array of premium foods and beverages that will delight the senses and elevate any occasion.

At the heart of this lavish gift is the Great Selection Palette Jewels of the Serranía, a 4.5-kilogram masterpiece that showcases the finest flavors of the region. To accompany this culinary treasure, there's a bottle of Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whiskey, Nordes Atlantic Gin, and Rum Contrabando Añejo from the Dominican Republic—a trio of exceptional spirits for the connoisseur.

Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the exquisite selection of Cava Extrisimo Bach Brut Nature, Rioja Gardingo Crianza, and Penedes Rosé Wine Ermita d'Espiells from Juve Camps, each offering a unique flavor profile. The confectionery delights are abundant, including mini nougats, a Crunchy Chocolate Nougat Bar, Crema Catalana nougat bar, Torras White Chocolate Bar, and more.

Savory indulgences are also featured, from Mantecados E. Moreno to La Masrojana anchovy-stuffed olives, and a Lavega wedge of cured mixed cheese. For those seeking unique flavors, there's Truffled Goose Pate with Armagnac Zubia and Cojonudos white Asparagus.

Completing the experience are gourmet essentials like Torres French fries with Mediterranean salt, Palax ground coffee, El Pajarero Dried Figs, and a Set of Christmas Lights for added festive charm.

In summary, this gift is a sumptuous treasure trove of culinary delights and beverages, a true embodiment of luxury and a perfect choice for making any occasion truly special.
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