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It is critical to sympathise with the person who has lost a loved one. When someone close to your family or relative is in trouble, you console them and offer your shoulder to cry on. has lovely Condolence Gift Baskets with exotic White Flowers to wish peace for the soul to express your deepest respect to the departed one.

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  •   Boxed Arrangement Of White Roses
    USD 69.48
  •   Express Your Gratitude
    USD 95.72
  •   A Cemetery'S Funeral Service Facility
    USD 84.91
  •   White Daisies Bouquet
    USD 54.04
  •   A Floral Tribute To The Deceased.
    USD 143.59
  •   Container Brimming With Wildflowers
    USD 84.76
  •   A Pink And Mauve Funeral
    USD 88
  •   Incredibly Pretty White Roses
    USD 101.59
  •   10 White Daisy Stems
    USD 49.4
  •   Classic Basket In White Tones
    USD 115.49
  •   Paniculata And Rose Heart
    USD 95.72
  •   A Bouquet Of Pure White Flowers
    USD 205.34
  •   This Plant Will Look Great In A Nook
    USD 75.65
  •   Rosas'S Memorial Cemetery
    USD 159.02
  •   Roses Of Peace
    USD 123.2
  •   A Bouquet Of Various Flowers
    USD 143.59

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Show your empathy with the amazing floral selections from

White represents purity, peace, and simplicity. When white Chrysanthemums, white Liliums, white Roses, or white Daisies are packed in green backgrounds inside a basket wrapped neatly, they fluctuate the truth which is the family's concern. The lavish baskets of ornate flowers make a lovely impression on the sufferers who understand your feelings for them.

You can even personalise your baskets to your liking. Send these Condolence Gift Hampers in beautiful hand-woven willow baskets or willow woven willow baskets. Support them by holding hands with us, who understand your feelings 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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