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  • The Gourmet Delight Gift Set

The Gourmet Delight Gift Set

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USD 154.9
The Gift consists of:

• 2 Bottles of Rioja Lan Gran Reserva red wine
• 1 Block French foie gras from canard Maison Jourdain 200 g.
• 1 Case of sliced Iberian bait shoulder 50% Manuel Guillén 100 g.
• 1 Bottle of Bargalló extra virgin olive oil 250 ml.
• 1 Raw milk cheese Cerrato 1968 Old wedge 250 g.
• 1 Jar of organic Arbequina olives macerated home-style La Masrojana net weight 370 g.
• Presented in a kraft cardboard box
Introducing "The Gift," a delightful assortment that will transport you to the heart of Spanish culinary excellence. Packed with exquisite flavors and carefully chosen delicacies, this gift is a true treasure trove for food enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

As you open the kraft cardboard box, you are greeted with an array of carefully selected delights. Two bottles of Rioja Lan Gran Reserva red wine await, their deep ruby hues and rich aromas promising an indulgent tasting experience.

Enhancing the experience further is a block of French foie gras from canard Maison Jourdain. Its velvety texture and delicate, buttery taste will tantalize your senses and leave you craving for more. Accompanying this delicacy, a case of sliced Iberian bait shoulder, crafted by Manuel Guillén, boasts a harmonious blend of flavors, imparting a truly authentic Spanish touch.

To complement your culinary journey, we have included a bottle of Bargalló extra virgin olive oil, sourced from the finest olives of the Mediterranean. Its fruity and intense aroma infuses every dish it touches, elevating your cooking to a whole new level.

For cheese enthusiasts, we present Cerrato 1968 Old wedge, a raw milk cheese that exudes character and complexity. Perfectly aged, its sharp tanginess and buttery undertones will delight your taste buds.

To round off this gastronomic adventure, we include a jar of organic Arbequina olives macerated home-style by La Masrojana. Each bite reveals a burst of Mediterranean flavors, showcasing the essence of traditional Spanish cuisine.

Indulge yourself or surprise a loved one with "The Gift." With its exquisite selection of wines, gourmet delights, and elegant presentation, it promises a culinary experience that truly embodies the spirit of Spanish gastronomy.
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