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Chocolate is widely regarded as one of the world's most popular treats. Order chocolate gift baskets to USA that are brimming with the finest chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Godiva, and many more. The chocolate gift hamper is the ideal surprise for any special occasion and can sublimely express your warm wishes. Send Christmas Chocolate gift hampers to USA for Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, and other special occasions.

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  • Excellent Alcohol Presentation Package
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  • Flavors Galore: The Ultimate Snack Sensation
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  • Eastpoint Cellars Unforgettable Taste
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  • Delightful Confections Tower
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  • Decadent Fusion Of Delights
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  • Festive Faves Box
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  • The Art Of Gifting
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  • Premium Chocolate & Sweets Gift Crate
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  • Rich Flavors Of California's Red Wine
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  • Sip And Celebrate
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  • A Red Wine Duet Basket
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  • Deliciously Elegant Chocolate Infused Strawberries
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Send Chocolate gift hamper Online to USA with

Chocolates are always regarded as a special gift because everyone loves them, whether teenagers, adults or elderly; no one has ever said no to chocolates. With the growing popularity of chocolates, introduces you to the special and finest chocolate gift baskets that will be a pure delight for the receiver to the core with the best and premium chocolates such as Lindt Cadbury, Hershey, Ferrero Rocher, and more.

Send a chocolate gift basket to your boyfriend on Birthday to surprise him in the best way possible. You can also order chocolate gift baskets to USA for Christmas to express your Christmas greetings in the best way possible. Chocolates are known for their ability to make anyone smile, and what could be better than ordering online chocolate gift baskets delivery in USA in just a few clicks. Our one-of-a-kind chocolates collection is sure to sweeten the taste buds as well as the soul, brightening up any occasion even more.

Chocolate is the official stress reliever for everyone, and a person's love for the finest chocolates is simply eternal. Choose your favorite Chocolate gift hamper in USA filled with delectable Dark, Milk, and White chocolates, and get it delivered to any corner of the United States. We have delivery agents working in all cities and corners of the USA to ensure that your gifting experience with us is unrivaled. Simply add a spark to your relationship by sending your loved ones a premium Chocolate gift hamper. Now is the time to order chocolate gift baskets online.

Chocolate Gift Baskets Delivery in USA for Valentine 

Chocolate and Valentine have an inseparable alliance. A box of exotic chocolate can easily make someone's heart soften with love. Woo your beloved with our handcrafted basket of delicious chocolates sent directly to their doorstep. 

Chocolates help one's brain release Endorphins, the happy potion in our brain. It makes a person feel happy and loved. Make them fall in love with you again with the taste of bitter-sweet chocolates. 

Our Valentine Chocolate Hamper contains special exotic assortments in the hamper thoughtfully put together to accompany the mood of your valentine's date. You can choose from a wide range of combinations according to your partner's personality. You will have options of cheesy snacks, fruity delights, gourmet delights, and even the finest spirits. Set up Valentine's mood with chocolaty delights and fine assortment content and start your date night with perfection. 

Make an everlasting impression with Chocolate gift baskets delivery in USA from

Make an everlasting impression on the receiver's hearts by arranging the most delicious chocolates all around the globe in an elegant basket to be the best and most appealing surprise of the evening. Send chocolates on Valentine's Day to your girlfriend staying in the USA to make her feel special and blessed. Chocolate can sweeten any relationship and is frequently regarded as a synonym for happiness. So, simply choose your desired online Chocolate gift basket to USA and have it delivered to the recipient's doorstep in 1-2 days via express delivery with much love and affection. Make your relationship grow strong with the sweet-bitter taste of delicious chocolates that will melt you and your close one's heart.



The world's most popular sweet is chocolate. According to the World Cocoa Foundation, more than 3 million tonnes of cocoa beans are consumed annually by people all over the world. In addition to making you feel good, chocolate may also benefit your heart and brain.

  • Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate has no milk solids. Cacao beans, sugar, an emulsifier like soy lecithin to keep the texture, and flavours like vanilla. Dark chocolate is considered a healthy snack since it contains more cocoa and less sugar. Its taste makes it a favourite for baking and melting for sweets.

  • White Chocolate 

 Sugar, cocoa butter, milk products, vanilla, and a fatty component called lecithin make up white chocolate. It is made from fermented, dried, roasted cocoa beans that have been split open and their shells discarded. 

Chocolate nibs are made into chocolate liquor. Chocolate liquor is made up of cocoa solids (flavour) and cocoa butter (fat).

  • Milk Chocolate 

Milk chocolate is prepared by mixing dark chocolate with boiling milk, milk powder, or condensed milk. Various milk products provide various caramel notes in chocolate.

Milk chocolate is milder in flavour and texture than dark chocolate. Nowadays, many milk chocolates have more cocoa solids, making them more chocolaty and less sweet.

 Popular Chocolate Brands in USA 

If you're going to buy chocolate in the United States, you may as well know a bit about the country's offerings.

The United States of America, like many other nations, is a big fan of chocolate. It's no secret that American chocolate bar makers are known for their innovation and interesting flavours.

  • The Hershey Company 

As one of the most well-known chocolate brands in America, Hershey's is available practically everywhere. The firm makes everything from cookies and syrups to cakes and milkshakes, so getting your chocolate fix is easy.

The Hershey Company was founded in 1976 and is now one of the world's top chocolate producers. Hershey's is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation and has its headquarters in Pennsylvania.

  • Reese’s peanut butter cups 

 Reese's is a Hershey's sub-brand, but it has so many products it deserves its own mention. H. B. Reese produced the first Reese's peanut butter cups in 1928.

Many people think Reese's cups are the ultimate peanut butter and chocolate treat. Among prominent US chocolate brands. It now sells roughly $2 billion annually for Hershey, and it has developed a lot over the years.

  • Nestlé 

Nestlé, one of the world's top chocolate bar brands, is also available in the US, but not as widely. This brand is one of the oldest, having been founded in Switzerland in 1866.

Many of Nestlé's chocolates aren't sold under the same brand. A few of Nestlé's goods are Milky Bar Smarties, Toll House, Aero, KitKat, Smarties, and so on.

  • Mars 

Mars is a popular chocolate bar in the US. Mars is responsible for more than simply the classic Mars bar. The firm also makes popular candy including Milky Way, Snickers, and Twix.

Mars is a 110-year-old international maker of pet food and confectionery. The firm was founded in 1911, and the first Mars bar came out in 1932.

  • Cadbury

 Cadbury is one of the most well-known chocolate brands in the world. The British chocolate bar brand is one of the several confectionery enterprises that have expanded globally and into the United States over the years.

This firm is also one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers, having been founded in 1824, over two centuries ago.

Most Favorite Chocolate in USA 

  • M&Ms 

It was created to keep chocolate from melting in the hands of customers. M&Ms, named after its creators Forrest Mars and R. Bruce Murrie, were distributed to WWII GIs and even embarked on a space mission in 1982. Red M&Ms have been the official "spokescandy" since 1952. M&Ms currently come in eleven permanent flavours and seasonal variations.

  • Snickers 

The bar first appeared in 1930 and was given its name in honour of one of the Mars family's most beloved horses. Every day, more than 15 million Snickers bars are produced, and each bar comprises around 16 peanuts. This means that more than 99 tonnes of peanuts are used in the production of these candy bars.

  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar 

Milton S. Hershey created Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar in 1900. Hershey wanted everyone to experience the delicious flavour of milk chocolate, which was previously exclusively available to the rich. So he set up shop in the centre of Pennsylvania dairy country, selling chocolate bars for a nickel. From 1941 through 1945, Hershey manufactured over a billion ration bars for WWII soldiers. Hershey now produces over 373 million of its iconic candy bar every year.

  • Kit Kat 

Rowntree Limited of York introduced this British invention in 1935 as Chocolate Crisp. It was eventually called Kit Kat, after an 18th-century Whig literacy society in England. As a result, Nestlé today manufactures Kit Kat in over 70 countries. The label in the US has a different name. Since 1969, Hershey has been the authorised US producer.

  • Twix 

In comparison to other products that are quite popular in the American market, the bar that consists of cookie, caramel, and chocolate is a relative newcomer (it was initially produced in the United Kingdom in 1967). 1979 was the year when it was first made available in the United States.

FAQ about Chocolates in USA

  • Is chocolate popular in the US?

Americans are chocolate lovers. In fact, according to Statista, the United States is the largest confectionery market in the world. The cocoa and chocolate business generates $9.67 billion yearly in the United States.

  • What chocolates are made in the USA?

There are several American chocolate brands, including Guittard, Ghirardelli, Scharffen Berger, Potomac Chocolate, Taza Chocolate, Blommer Chocolate Company, and others. These notable businesses are dispersed around the nation and are recognised for their distinctive specialisations and approaches.

  • What is the most popular brand of chocolate in the USA?

The following are the most popular chocolates in USA :

  • M&Ms 
  • Snickers 
  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar 
  • Kit Kat 
  • Twix 
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