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Wine Gift Basket UAE


Fine wine for Fine Dine 


With the correct wine instruments, you can help them appreciate wine to its maximum and give them something to look forward to on a regular basis with the greatest wine gift basket ideas.

Anybody in your life who receives one of these fantastic wine gift baskets is likely to be grateful and make frequent use of it, regardless of who it is intended for.


  • Sparkling Wine 

A method of producing sparkling wine that involves a secondary fermentation and results in the formation of bubbles! There are no rules when it comes to the color of sparkling wine; it may be red, white, or rosé, and it can vary from lean and dry to rich and sweet.


  • White Wine 

"White wine" refers to alcoholic beverages made from greenish or yellowish "white" grapes. It may also refer to wine made from red grapes whose pigment has been removed to prevent discoloration.


  • Dessert Wine 

A technique for making wine that requires including the addition of alcohol at the last step of the process. There are a number of dry fortified wines available, such dry Sherry, but dessert wines often have a taste profile that is more on the sweet side of things. 


Popular Wine Gift Baskets


  • Gourmet Gift Baskets Red Wine

It is possible to put together the ideal wine gift basket with very little more than a bottle (or two) of wine, a few mouthwatering appetizers, and some creative packaging. 

In addition to the three mouthwatering extras that are included in the box, this choice from Gourmet Gift Baskets also comes with a bottle of wine that is well regarded and is included in the package as well.



  • Cheese Crate with Wine: Gourmet Gift Baskets

The cheese is the star of the show in this mouthwatering basket, which includes gouda, blue, and cheddar among its five distinct varieties of the dairy product. 

The snacking experience is completed with the addition of crackers, almonds, olives, fruit, and of course, a bottle of pinot noir to drink it all down with. 


  • Gourmet Wine Gift Baskets with Delectable Chocolate

Sometimes a glass of wine isn't quite enough to satiate a person's need to overindulge; in such cases, they'd probably prefer to have some chocolate instead. Because it comes with instructions on how to pair chocolate and wine, this gourmet chocolate box is an excellent present for anyone who like drinking wine. 

They are going to have a lot of fun (and the results will be delicious!) experimenting with different pairings of chocolate and wine.




  • Which hampers are available for delivery in UAE?

Red Wine, cheese, crackers, cookies, and biscotti are all included in our wine baskets, as well as a cheese board and spreader for your picnic basket. Our collection of gift baskets that are available for delivery in UAE is one of a kind.


  • What are the best gift baskets for a wine tasting ?

You have your choice of a number of gift baskets that already include the greatest examples of sweet and savory delicacies to complement the included wine. One of our favorites is the Champagne & Chocolates Basket, which comes with a bottle of Champagne and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

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