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  • Spanish Food Bonanza Gift

Spanish Food Bonanza Gift

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USD 128.9
The Gift consists of:

• 1 Bottle of Bach cava Extremely brut nature
• 1 Bottle red wine Rioja Castillo Vineldón Reserva
• 1 Bottle of Rosso Miró vermouth 75 cl.
• 1 Bottle Many Manos tempranillo rosé wine
• 1 Bottle Rueda white wine Analivia Verdejo Selection
• 1 Jijona nougat bar Original Formula 1863 black label supreme quality Antiu Xixona 150 g.
• 1 Pure chocolate bar with whole Torras almonds 150 g.
• 1 Rifacli traditional neula case
• 1 La Estepeña cinnamon stars case 100 g.
• 1 E. Moreno artisan chocolate case 100 g.
• 1 Crispy cookies made with cocoa and Florbú chocolate chips 120 g.
• 1 Hojiblanca olives with stones Basic jar 235 g.
• 1 Picos de bread El Pico de Don Pelayo bag 50 g.
• 1 Bottle of Flor de Arana extra virgin olive oil 250 ml.
• 1 Iberian paté with Pedro Ximénez with Iberitos raisins 70 g.
• 1 Piece Iberian acorn-fed chorizo Dehesa del Yeltes 150 g.
• 1 Piece Iberian acorn-fed salami Dehesa del Yeltes 150 g.
• 1 Lavega wedge cured mixed cheese 200 g.
"Spanish Food Bonanza Gift" is an epicurean masterpiece that invites you to embark on a sensory journey through the heart of Spain. Begin your adventure with the Bach cava Extremely Brut Nature, a sparkling gem that sets the stage for a celebration.

Explore the rich diversity of Spanish wines with the Rioja Castillo Vineldón Reserva, Rosso Miró vermouth, Many Manos Tempranillo Rosé, and Analivia Verdejo Selection. Each bottle represents a unique facet of Spain's renowned winemaking tradition.

Satisfy your sweet cravings with the exquisite Jijona nougat bar from Antiu Xixona, a testament to time-honored craftsmanship. Indulge in pure chocolate with whole Torras almonds and delight in the nostalgic flavor of La Estepeña cinnamon stars. The artisan chocolate case by E. Moreno and crispy cocoa cookies with Florbú chocolate chips add modern twists to traditional treats.

The savory side of "Spanish Food Bonanza Gift" boasts Hojiblanca olives, Picos de bread from El Pico de Don Pelayo, and Flor de Arana extra virgin olive oil. Elevate your gourmet experience with Iberian paté infused with Pedro Ximénez and raisins, along with the Iberian acorn-fed chorizo, salami, and a Lavega wedge of cured mixed cheese.

"Spanish Food Bonanza Gift" is a symphony of Spanish flavors, a culinary tour de force that captures the essence of Spain's culinary heritage in one exquisite package.
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