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  • Vinho & Delights Elegance Crate Basket

Vinho & Delights Elegance Crate Basket

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USD 178.09
The Gift Consists of:
•Wooden Box With Bordeaux Color Tray 37/27/17 Cm
•Transport Box Media Pattern Portuguese
•Tiles Protective Sleeve
•Congratulations Postcard
•Red Wine DOC Douro 75cl – Quinta da Pacheca
•Box of Chocolates 100gr – Regina
•Bonbons Coração 90gr – Regina
•Cherry Liqueur 200ml – Prisca
•Transmontano Fig in Syrup 210gr – Prisca
•Dried Tomato in olive oil 120gr – Emperatriz
•Cured Cheese Mixture 250gr – Serra das Beiras
•Sliced ​​Loin Leaf Skin Natural Cure 80gr – Prisca
•Salpicão Sliced ​​Pork Bísaro Leaf Skin 80gr – Prisca
•Cinnamon Cookies Image Mother's Day 150g – National Biscuit
Unveil the essence of sophistication with our Vinho & Delights Elegance Crate,Basket a finely curated selection of gourmet treasures encased in a Wooden Box with Bordeaux Color Tray. Elevate your gifting experience with this exquisite assortment, perfect for celebrating special moments and creating lasting memories.

The Transport Box adorned with a Media Pattern of Portuguese Tiles sets the stage for a journey into the heart of Portuguese culinary excellence. Protecting these treasures is the uniquely designed Protective Sleeve, adorned with a Congratulations Postcard that adds a personal touch to your heartfelt wishes.

The star of this ensemble is the Red Wine DOC Douro from Quinta da Pacheca, a velvety symphony encapsulated in a bottle that echoes the terroir of the Douro Valley. Complementing this fine wine is the Cherry Liqueur from Prisca, a delightful elixir that captures the essence of ripe, succulent cherries.

Indulge your sweet cravings with the Box of Chocolates and Bonbons Coração from Regina, each bite a celebration of chocolate craftsmanship. The Transmontano Fig in Syrup, Dried Tomato in Olive Oil from Emperatriz, and the Cinnamon Cookies from National Biscuit complete the sweet and savory tapestry of flavors.

The artisanal touch extends to the gourmet cheeses, featuring the Cured Cheese Mixture from Serra das Beiras, Sliced Loin Leaf Skin Natural Cure, and the Salpicão Sliced Pork Bísaro Leaf Skin from Prisca. These savory delights are a testament to the rich heritage of Portuguese gastronomy.

The Vinho & Delights Elegance Crate,Basket is more than a gift; it's an invitation to savor life's pleasures. Open the lid, pour a glass, and embark on a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary, capturing the spirit of celebration and the warmth of heartfelt connections.
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