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  • Luxury Elegance Gift Collection

Luxury Elegance Gift Collection

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USD 213.29
The Gift Consists of
•Wine Ego Chardonnay Barrique 2017
•Venchi white chocolate 100g — 1 package
•Venchi Gianduja bar with hazelnuts 80g— 1 package
•Venchi "Cuba Cacao Aromatico" 100g— 1 piece
•Venchi Italian candies "Coco in Black" — 4 pieces
•Venchi candies "Cubotto Chocaviar Creme Cocoa"— 2 pieces.
•Almito mushrooms pickled in vegetable oil 280g— 1 package
•Goldkenn Jack Daniels Honey Liquor Bar 100g— 1 piece
•Venchi dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts "Nocciolata Fondente" 100g — 1 piece
•All products and drinks are delivered in a beautiful gift box with a bow and high-quality packaging
Embark on a journey of exquisite taste and sophistication with our "Luxury Elegance Gift Collection." This opulent assortment is a testament to the art of refined indulgence, carefully curated to captivate the senses and elevate any occasion to a celebration. Unveil the treasures nestled within a beautifully adorned gift box, tied with a bow, and wrapped in high-quality packaging, promising a moment of luxury.

The centerpiece of this collection is the distinguished Wine Ego Chardonnay Barrique 2017, a vintage that embodies elegance and complexity, setting the stage for an extraordinary experience. Complementing this exquisite wine is Venchi's white chocolate, a velvety creation that melts in the mouth, leaving a trail of blissful sweetness.

Delight in the rich harmony of flavors with Venchi Gianduja bar, a sublime blend of hazelnuts and chocolate, and experience the intense allure of Venchi's "Cuba Cacao Aromatico," a piece of chocolate artistry that transports you to a world of aromatic indulgence.

Savor the delicate perfection of Venchi Italian candies, "Coco in Black," a quartet of delectable treats that redefine indulgence, while the "Cubotto Chocaviar Creme Cocoa" offers a burst of creamy sophistication in every bite.

For those who appreciate savory delights, discover the exquisite Almito mushrooms pickled in vegetable oil, a gourmet addition that complements the luxurious theme of this collection. The Goldkenn Jack Daniels Honey Liquor Bar adds a touch of golden warmth, blending the richness of honey and the smoothness of Jack Daniels.

The grand finale comes with Venchi dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts, "Nocciolata Fondente," an irresistible symphony of textures and flavors that leaves a lasting impression.

Present the "Luxury Elegance Gift Collection" to discerning connoisseurs, and watch as they embark on a sensory journey through the finest in taste and refinement, creating cherished memories with each delectable bite and sip.

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