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Send chocolate hampers to Japan to express your heartfelt feelings wonderfully, overflowing with the finest chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher, Godiva, Toblerone, and many more. Place your order online for Chocolate gift baskets to Japan for your special day or for any other occasion. As they are liked by all and might be a pleasant surprise to make them feel pampered on their big day. Gifting chocolates will change their mood and will bring grin to their faces. If you are thinking about delivering chocolates to your loved ones then do browse from our chosen variety and place an order with us.

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  • Beer and More
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  • Wine And Snacks Combo
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  • Fabulous Surprise
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  • Stunning Gift Hamper
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  • Spectacular Wine Gift Hamper
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  • Immortal Love
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  • Love Filled Hamper
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  • Elegant Basket
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  • Thrilled Gift Hamper
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  • Heavenly Hamper
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  • Compassion Filled Hamper
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  • Special Gourmet Hamper
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  • Attractive Gift Hamper
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  • Exquisite Fruits, Chocolates And Champagne Basket
    USD 247.63
  • Flawless Celebrations
    USD 141.9
  • Fabulous Champagne Hamper
    USD 281.9

Online Chocolate Gift Basket Delivery in Japan Japan Chocolate Gift Ideas 2023 

The best surprise of love and tenderness: Chocolate gift basket

Chocolate gifts are a common expression of love and affection. It simply personifies your strong feelings about the relationship. There are several occasions or festivals when this is a must-have delicacy. Send a chocolate gift basket to Japan online and express your heartfelt wishes in the most exceptional way possible, as chocolate hampers are universally adored. Allow your loved ones to delight in their favorite tempting chocolate gift hamper. Send a chocolate gift basket for your birthday to Japan to express your birthday greetings marvelously. The most enticing thing to look out for is the Online delivery of Chocolate gift baskets to Japan.

When you think of chocolate, the first thing that comes to mind is the delectable, creamy, and versatile chocolate truffles. They are rich and mostly made with dark chocolate, and they taste divine. Whether dark or milk chocolates, it does more than just satisfy your taste buds; it is also good for your heart and brain functions. Send dark chocolate gift hampers to your girlfriend on Valentine's Day because dark chocolate is a quick solution to stress, frustration, or depression and is known as the perfect messenger of love and affection. Order a chocolate gift basket online to Japan in just a few clicks.

How to surprise your Sweetheart with Chocolate Baskets from 

To send, simply visit our online portal and browse the eye-catching chocolate baskets filled with your favorite chocolate brands, such as Neuhaus, Godiva, Vosges, Ferrero Rocher, and others. These are the delivered brands, so you can be confident that the products are genuine. Chocolate gift baskets can be same-day delivery or next-day delivery. So don't think twice before ordering your favorite basket for your loved one, and order an online chocolate gift hamper to Japan.

Chocolate Delicacies in a Valentine Hamper

Valentine's Day is a special day for all the love birds in the world. It is a day that people celebrate with their partners while enjoying a heart-warming evening. Valentine's Day calls for the perfect gift that will melt your beloved's heart at first glance, and nothing can do that better than a Valentine Hamper of exotic chocolates.

Chocolates help you release Endorphins, the happy potion of our brain. It makes us feel joyous and loved. Nothing can be a better choice for a gift than specially organized baskets of chocolates for valentines day. The delicious chocolates are made by top-rated chocolate brands well-known for their unmatched taste and quality. 

The valentine gift baskets of chocolates are accompanied by special valentine assortments tactfully selected by our product designers to make your valentine one of a kind. The accompaniments include some of the finest delicacies worldwide. Creamy cakes, rare wines, finest spirits, mouth-watering snacks, cheesy treats, and many other gourmet delights in the valentine chocolate basket will help you make your valentine night end perfectly.


Chocolates for Everyone, for Every Occasion

Chocolates is a term that causes your heart to flutter. And currently, internet commerce is so effective that you may acquire your favorite chocolates anywhere you are in the globe, or even send them to your loved ones on any special occasions or events. 

  • Send Dark Chocolates for the Chocolate Lovers

Dark chocolate does not include any milk solids. Cacao beans, sugar, a texture-preserving emulsifier such as soy lecithin, and flavorings such as vanilla. Dark chocolate is considered a healthy food due to its higher cocoa content and lower sugar content. Its flavor makes it a popular ingredient for baking and melting in confections.

  • White Chocolate for Every Occasion

White chocolate is composed of sugar, cocoa butter, milk products, vanilla, and a fatty component called lecithin. It is formed from fermented, dried, roasted cocoa beans whose shells have been removed and which have been split open.

Chocolate nibs are converted into chocolate liquor. Cocoa solids (flavor) and cocoa butter are the components of chocolate liquor (fat).

  • Milk Chocolate to make your Taste Buds Happy

 Dark chocolate is combined with boiling milk, milk powder, or condensed milk to create milk chocolate. Different milk products provide distinct caramel aromas to chocolate.

Dark chocolate has a stronger flavor and texture than milk chocolate. Many milk chocolates now have higher cocoa solids, making them less sweet and more chocolatey.

Popular Chocolate Brands in JAPAN

If you plan on purchasing chocolate in Japan, you may as well educate yourself on the variety of options available in the nation.

Chocolate is quite popular in Japan, just as it is in a lot of other countries.

  • Lotte

Choco Pies, a chocolate-covered cake with a marshmallow filling, are well-known at Lotte. Additionally, they manufacture Toppo, a chocolate-filled biscuit stick snack. Toppo resembles Pocky in reverse, with chocolate on the inside and biscuit on the exterior!

  • Nestle Japan

While Nestle as a whole is a Swiss brand, we must recognize the Japan division of the corporation for making Japanese Kit Kats a worldwide sensation. Currently, there are so many unique and exotic Kit Kat tastes for consumers to discover and enjoy.

  • Meiji

Meiji's most popular treats in Japan include a variety of chocolate-covered nuts, including chocolate hazelnuts, chocolate macadamia nuts, and chocolate peanuts. In addition, they produced the forest-themed films "Kinoko no Yama" and "Takenoko no Sato."

  • Ezaki Glico

Ezaki Glico is an Osaka-based Japanese food firm. Its emblem, the Glico Running Man, is a well-known icon in Osaka. The emblem is displayed on a massive neon sign that hangs over the Dotonbori canal. Glico is renowned internationally for its innovative Pocky varieties, but the company also produces a sort of chocolate you may not be familiar with.

  • Fujiya

In Japan, the company's Country Ma'am cookies are the most popular snack. The cookie's popularity is attributed to its distinctive baking method, which produces a crispy outside and a moist middle. Their most popular chocolate assortment is named "Look."

FAQ about Chocolates in JAPAN

  • Is there an online chocolate delivery to Japan?

 Online Chocolate Delivery to Japan: Flavors that Melt the Heart. Delivering chocolates to Japan provides joy to the celebration of every occasion with loved ones. Gift delivery to Japan warms the hearts of individuals of all ages. No one can stop the chocolate obsession.

  • Why send chocolate gift baskets Japan?

With the delivery of chocolate presents, you add every event to your memory book. You may also send fruit gift baskets to Japan online, which are available in a range of options. On certain last-minute invitations, you may not have time to prepare or create anything unique for your loved ones.

  • What is the chocolate market like in Japan?

Although Japan's chocolate market is now the largest in Asia, the commodity was almost nonexistent before to the 2000s. In 2012, Japan's chocolate consumption reached 235,000 metric tons, or around 1.8 kg per person.

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