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  • Gift 'French Gourmet Basket'

French Elegance In Every Sip

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USD 304.9
The Gift Consist Of:

• Château Fontoy
• Château Haut Methee
• Cavalier Rosé Sec
• French Coffee Beans. Mixture
• Truffles Fantaisie With Orange
• Grape Seed Oil
• Fleur De Sel Ile De Re
• Herbes De Provence Organic
• Paté De Esparago Verde
• Pesto Piquillo Y Almendras
• Figue & Noix De Corse BIO
• Clémentine De Corse Organic
• Terrine De Cerf
• Terrine Canard Aux Olives
• Calvados
• Cognac VS
• Kirsch Rassis Brandy
• Bottle 10cl Wave
• Cork Cork Handle 19 Natural
• Liqueur De Cerises
• Krt.Gift Basket Large/Natural
French Elegance in Every Sip encapsulates a curated selection of exquisite delights. Château Fontoy and Château Haut Methee set the stage with their refined wines, embodying the essence of French vineyards. The Cavalier Rosé Sec adds a touch of sophistication to this collection.

Indulge in the aromatic allure of French Coffee Beans Mixture, complemented by the citrus-infused Truffles Fantaisie With Orange. The culinary journey continues with the rich notes of Grape Seed Oil, Fleur De Sel Ile De Re, and Herbes De Provence Organic. The ensemble reaches its zenith with gourmet delights such as Paté De Esparago Verde and Pesto Piquillo Y Almendras.

As a finale, the liqueur selection boasts Figue & Noix De Corse BIO, Clémentine De Corse Organic, and the warming embrace of Calvados, Cognac VS, and Kirsch Rassis Brandy. This symphony of flavors is artfully presented in the Bottle 10cl Wave within the Krt.Gift Basket Large/Natural with a Cork Cork Handle 19 Natural. French Elegance in Every Sip is a refined invitation to savor the richness of French culture through its diverse culinary treasures.

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