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  • Global Gourmet Delight Extravaganza

Global Gourmet Delight Extravaganza

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USD 428.89
The Gift consists of:
• France Chateau Campot Lafont AOC / France Bordeaux AOC Wine
• Agnes B Cookies Gift Box / European Premium Pastry Gift Box
• HK Jenny Bakery Cookies / Premium Imported Biscuit Gift Box
• Godiva Truffle Chocolate Tall Pack / Godiva Chocolate Gift Box
• Godiva Chocolatier Cacao Chocolate Bar / Godiva Chocolate
• Godiva Chocolate Pretzels / Godiva Chocolate Bar
• French Truffles Chocolate / Belgium Delicious Pralines Chocolate
• Dr. Sutton's Coffee / Imported Coffee
• England M5 Tea Adventure Gift Box / Premium Imported Tea
• England M5 Yogurt Atom Gift Set / Premium Imported Biscuit Gift Box
• Germany Cavendish & Harvey Premium Candy In Metalic Case 175g / European premium Candy
• Master Wan Sugar Coated Pecan / European Premium Nuts
• Olasagasti Tuna Trunk in Olive Oil / France Produit Artisanal Duck Rillettes
• Marks & Spencer Cheese Twists / Premium Imported Biscuit
• Marks & Spencer OAT Breakfast Biscuits (Random flavour) / Premium Imported Biscuit Gift Box
• Redondo Chocolate Flavor Wafers in Metalic Case / Imported Pastry
• England M5 Brownie Brittle / Imported Pastry
• Nairns Oat Biscuits / Imported Premium Cookie Or Biscuit
• Panealba Griss D'or Biscuit / Imported Pastry
• Hand-made Leather Box with Lid
Global Gourmet Delight Extravaganza is an extravagant assortment crafted to astound and delight with its opulent array of gourmet treasures and exquisite treats, creating an unforgettable journey through taste and luxury.
Commence the celebration with the esteemed France Chateau Campot Lafont AOC or France Bordeaux AOC Wine, setting the stage for sophistication. Dive into the realm of European delicacies with the Agnes B Cookies Gift Box and the HK Jenny Bakery Cookies, both offering a delectable range of pastries. The Premium Imported Biscuit Gift Box further entices with its diverse biscuit selection.
Indulge in the divine pleasures of Godiva chocolates through their Truffle Chocolate Tall Pack, Chocolate Gift Box, Cacao Chocolate Bar, and Chocolate Pretzels or Bars, each promising luxurious flavors. Elevate the experience with the decadent French Truffles Chocolate and Belgium Delicious Pralines Chocolate, showcasing the epitome of European chocolate craftsmanship.
The ensemble continues to captivate with a range of gourmet delights, including Marks & Spencer Cheese Twists, OAT Breakfast Biscuits, Redondo Chocolate Flavor Wafers, England M5 Brownie Brittle, Nairns Oat Biscuits, Panealba Griss D'or Biscuits, Master Wan Sugar Coated Pecans, and Olasagasti Tuna Trunk in Olive Oil or France Produit Artisanal Duck Rillettes, each a testament to culinary excellence.
This opulent collection, presented in a lavish Hand-made Leather Box with Lid, is a testament to indulgence and sophistication, making it the ultimate gesture of luxury and fine taste for a celebration or gifting occasion.
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