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Fruits Include The Basket

USD 148.91
12 types of premium fresh fruits are included in the basket(about 18-22 pcs)(about 7KG/15LB)
Japanese Green House Kyoho grapes/ Imported Japanese fruit
Japanese apple
Avocado/ Golden pear
Sugar apple/ seasonal fruit
Wax apple fruit
blueberries/imported fruit in box
grapes/imported fruit in box
kiwi fruit
Korean crystal pear
Hand-made leather box with lid
In the kimono box, you will find 12 varieties of fruit: six appels, six quinces, six pears and six grapes. The box is hand-made and made of premium leather and wood and beautiful and charming. Fruit basket of 12 types of fresh fruit, such as strawberries, kiwi fruit, and pineapple. (about 18-22 pcs) (about 7KG/15LB). Ultimate luxury portable fresh fruits box. Fresh, juicy and sweet with an excellent taste. Both most delicious fruits are imported, variety is rich with confectionary taste.Japanese Green House Kyoho Grapes . The grapes are harvested by hand and irrigated for three days before being processed into wine, juice, and reconstituted grape products. This masterpiece is paired with 12 types of imported Japanese fruit to make a healthy breakfast or light snack.
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