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  • A Box Of Happiness

Gourmet Selection Of Fresh & Artisanal Delicacies

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USD 86.79
The Gift consists of:
• Extra virgin olive oil Cañamares DO Sierra de Cazorla Jaén 250ml
• Pisto Artesano - Homemade Pisto de Verduras Vegetable Ratatouille
• Green Manzanilla olives without pit 80g
• Handmade Pasta - Trumpetes Vegetals: Colorful pasta flavored with vegetables. From the Sanmartí pasta factory
• Salsa Tumaca - tapas sauce Bruschetta with tomatoes and garlic
• Tomate seco en aceite - Dried tomatoes
• Sea salt Finas Hierbas 175g with Mediterranean herbs
• Chocolate Negro - Dark chocolate 72% cocoa - 150g bar.
• Picos Artesanos Gourmet Obando Tapas Pastry Sticks
Indulge in the finest flavors with Gourmet Selection Of Fresh & Artisanal Delicacies, a luxurious assortment that will delight any food lover. This carefully curated selection is filled with exquisite treats to tantalize your taste buds.

First, savor the richness of the extra virgin olive oil from Cañamares DO Sierra de Cazorla Jaén. Its smooth and fruity notes will enhance any dish you create. Accompanied by the vibrant pisto artesano, a homemade vegetable ratatouille bursting with flavors, your palate will be transported to the sunny Mediterranean.

Discover the zesty tang of the green Manzanilla olives, an ideal accompaniment to your favorite cheese board or charcuterie platter. For pasta lovers, the handmade Trumpetes Vegetals will bring color and a unique vegetable-infused taste to your dishes.

Add a burst of flavor with the Salsa Tumaca - a tapas sauce featuring bright tomatoes and aromatic garlic. The dried tomatoes preserved in oil will add a hint of nostalgia and depth to your dishes.

For those with a love for chocolate, indulge in the velvety richness of the dark chocolate bar with 72% cocoa. And don't forget to sprinkle just the right amount of Mediterranean herb-infused sea salt Finas Hierbas for the perfect finish.

The Picos Artesanos Gourmet Obando tapas pastry sticks will accompany your cheese or dips elegantly. Gourmet Selection Of Fresh & Artisanal Delicacies is the ultimate collection of culinary delights that will elevate your dining experience to new heights.
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