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  • A Gourmet French Gift Basket

Gastronomic Elegance: French Indulgence Extravaganza

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USD 284.9
The Gift Consist Of:

• Champagne Carte d'Or Brut Yannick Prevoteau 0.75 L - Classic Cuvee
• 2015 Chateau Castera Cru Bourgois Medoc 0.75 L (Fine, Full-Bodied Taste, Matured In Oak Barrels)
• Terrine Au Magret De Canard Au Fumé (Lean Smoked Duck Pate) 180 G Without Colorings Or Preservatives
• 2019/20 Vintage Sardines In Olive Oil Collector's Tin
• Vinaigre Et De Pulpe Figue (Spirit Vinegar With Fig Pulp) 250 Ml
• Sablés Au Fromage Pecorino Romano - Pastries With Cheese
• Confitures Á L'ancienne Mirabelle 200 G Jar Of Mirabelle Jam, Uniquely Fruity, With Little Sugar
• Fleur De Sel De Guérande 250 G Jute Bag With Sea Salt From The Guerande Salt Mines
• Galet De Quimper Au Beurre Frais 115 G Traditional French Organic Butter Biscuits
• Moutarde De Dijon 210 G Dijon Mustard By Eduard Fallot
• Cornichons Extra Fine - Delicate Extra Fine Pickled Cornichons 228 Ml
• French Salami "Le Saucisson Sec" Approx. 300 G (Finely Smoked Salami From Free-Range Saddle Pigs)
• Packed In An Exclusive Golden Gift Box With A Slip Lid And Textile Ribbon
Indulge your senses in the epitome of refined taste with our exclusive gift, "Gastronomic Elegance: French Indulgence Extravaganza." Elevate your celebration with a carefully curated selection of exquisite French delicacies, encapsulated in a lavish golden gift box adorned with a tasteful textile ribbon.

This opulent assortment is a symphony of flavors that showcases the pinnacle of French culinary craftsmanship. Uncork the festivities with the Champagne Carte d'Or Brut Yannick Prevoteau, a classic cuvée that embodies the essence of celebration in every bubble. Complementing this effervescent delight is the 2015 Chateau Castera Cru Bourgeois Medoc, a fine red wine matured in oak barrels, presenting a full-bodied taste that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Delight your palate with the Terrine Au Magret De Canard Au Fumé, a lean smoked duck pâté that transcends ordinary gastronomic experiences. Explore the Vintage Sardines In Olive Oil Collector's Tin from 2019/20, a culinary masterpiece preserved to perfection. The Vinaigre Et De Pulpe Figue adds a touch of sophistication with its spirit vinegar infused with fig pulp, elevating your culinary creations.

Savor moments of bliss with Sablés Au Fromage Pecorino Romano, a heavenly pastry adorned with the richness of Pecorino Romano cheese. The Confitures Á L'ancienne Mirabelle, a uniquely fruity jam with minimal sugar, invites you to relish the essence of sun-kissed mirabelles.

Transport yourself to the coastal charm of Guérande with the Fleur De Sel De Guérande in a chic jute bag, while the Galet De Quimper Au Beurre Frais, traditional French organic butter biscuits, offer a delightful crunch of authenticity.

Mingle the flavors with the Moutarde De Dijon, a Dijon mustard by Eduard Fallot, and add a hint of tang with the delicate Extra Fine Pickled Cornichons. Concluding this gastronomic journey is the French Salami "Le Saucisson Sec," finely smoked from free-range saddle pigs.

"Gastronomic Elegance: French Indulgence Extravaganza" is more than a gift; it's a celebration of the artistry and finesse that define French culinary excellence. Elevate your occasions with this unparalleled collection that transcends ordinary gourmet experiences.

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