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  • Premier Gourmet Symphony Collection

Premier Gourmet Symphony Collection

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USD 75.79
The Gift consists of:

• Bergerac AOP Red Wine - La Réserve des Millaudes - 75cl
• Gersoise sweetness with Floc de Gascogne - 180g jar
• Quail Terrine with Sauternes - 180g jar
• 2 Bergeron Extra Apricot Jams - 28g jar
• 2 Mini Almond Financiers - 10g
• 2 Chocolate Papillotes & Raspberry Macaron - 10g
• 2 Mini Almond Macarons - 10g
• 4 Chocolate & Caramel Truffles - 10g
Introducing Indulgence Beyond Imagination Gift Set- a luxurious assortment that is sure to delight any wine and gourmet lover. This exquisite basket is curated with carefully selected treats that perfectly complement the included Bergerac AOP Red Wine - La Réserve des Millaudes.

Indulge your taste buds with the Gersoise sweetness of Floc de Gascogne, which adds a delightful touch of sophistication to any culinary creation. The Quail Terrine with Sauternes is a true culinary masterpiece, combining the richness of Sauternes wine with the delicate flavors of quail.

The assortment also includes two delectable Bergeron Extra Apricot Jams, bursting with the natural sweetness of ripe apricots. Enjoy these gourmet delicacies on toast or pair them with cheese for a refined snack.

For those with a sweet tooth, this gift set offers an array of mouthwatering treats. The Mini Almond Financiers, Chocolate Papillotes & Raspberry Macaron, and Mini Almond Macarons are beautifully crafted bite-sized delights that are as delicious as they are visually appealing. And to top it off, indulge in the lasting luxury of four sumptuously smooth Chocolate & Caramel Truffles.

Indulgence Beyond Imagination Gift Set is not just a collection of gourmet treasures, but an experience of unparalleled taste and sophistication. Whether to impress a loved one, celebrate a special occasion, or treat yourself, this gift is the epitome of refined indulgence.
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