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  • Basket With Turkish Delights

Elegant Tea Ensemble

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USD 75.01
The Gift Consists of:

• Candied rose petals - Les Créatives Favols
260g jar
• Organic elderflower and blueberry white tea in bags
• Box of 20 tea bags
• Milk chocolate bar with rose petals 100g tablet
• Flower salad 6g jar
• Greek rose delight, The 300g box
• Hibiscus infusion with organic red fruits in sachets
Box of 20 tea bags
• Small square gift box with Blue Flowers decor
Square box 24x24x10cm
This exquisite gift is a delightful assortment that combines floral elegance with delectable flavors. It's a sophisticated curation perfect for indulging the senses. Inside a charming square gift box adorned with Blue Flowers, you'll find an array of treats to cherish.

Elegant Tea Ensemble includes an assortment of tea blends, showcasing organic elderflower and blueberry in delicate white tea bags, as well as a vibrant hibiscus infusion featuring organic red fruits. For those with a sweet tooth, there are luxurious touches like milk chocolate bars infused with fragrant rose petals and Greek rose delight, a delectable confectionery in a generous 300g box.

To add a touch of whimsy and gourmet finesse, there are jars of candied rose petals and a flower salad, inviting a burst of floral essence in every bite. This carefully curated selection not only tantalizes the taste buds but also presents a visual treat, housed within a 24x24x10cm square box that adds an extra layer of elegance to this thoughtful and tasteful Elegant Tea Ensemble
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