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Snacks To Boost Energy

USD 193.81
1. Naturals Birds Nest (100% Pure) With Rock Sugar 70Ml X 6
2. Royal Miller Honey 500Gm
3. Yamamoto Healthy Tea 10G X24 Packs
4. Meiji Plain Crackers 4X26G
5. Brands Essence Of Chicken 41Ml X 3
6. Mini Potato Stick 104G
7. 2 Stalks Of Yellow Gerberas
8. Environmentally Friendly Gift Box
This attractive gift box is filled with nutritious snacks specially selected for their health-giving properties by the Health & Anti-Aging Club of Japan. Natures's Nest(100% Pure) with Rock Sugar contains eucommia bark, renowned in China for its power to nourish the blood and invigorate all five internal organs, helping the body maintain youthful vitality. Royal Miller Honey has numerous qualities said to aid longevity and help those who take it maintain a healthy liver and heart. Meiji Plain Crackers are made from premium white flour and contain no artificial coloring or flavoring, Yamamoto Healthy Tea is made from
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