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Fine wine for Fine Dine 

Gifts of wine are usually a safe bet. Who doesn't like a good glass of wine? However, a bottle of wine isn't going to cut it as a gift. The best way to do that is with a wine gift basket! 

The greatest wine gift basket ideas are those that provide them with the tools they need to appreciate wine to the fullest, so they have something to look forward to each time they open it! You may be sure that your loved ones will utilize the greatest wine gift baskets you've ever given them often, no matter who you're giving it to!


  • Pinot Noir 

Pinot Noir is a kind of dry red wine with a lighter body that was first produced in France. Since then, it has gained popularity all over the globe. 

In general, the wines have a flavor that is more acidic, but the finishes are smooth and low in tannin.


  • Sauvignon Blanc 

The Sauvignon Blanc kind of dry white grape was first widely cultivated in France, which is also the name of the nation. 

Wines are often dry and feature hints of herbs as well as "green" or "herbal" grapes in their flavor profiles.


  • Pinot Gris 

Pinot Gris is a kind of white grape that is known for being dry as well as having a light body, and it is widely grown in the European countries of Italy, France, and Germany. 

The best wines for sipping are those that have a body that is light to medium, and the aftertaste of these wines is often harsh (bitter almond, quinine).


Popular Wine Gift Baskets


  • Best Deluxe Cheese Crate with Wine: Gourmet Gift Baskets

This mouthwatering basket has five different kinds of cheese, including gouda, blue, cheddar, and a range of other cheeses as well. 

The snacking experience is rounded up with a bottle of pinot noir in addition to the assortment of crackers, almonds, and olives that are included in the box.


  • Classic Red Wine Gourmet Gift Baskets

 This gift basket has a variety of snacks, both sweet and savory, that are suitable for those who like drinking red wine. The contents of the basket include both sweet and savory delights. 

This cuisine, which features items like as chocolate delights, cheese straws, crackers, and summer sausage, was essentially designed to be served at home with one's family on a relaxed Sunday afternoon or evening.


  • Chocolate and Wine Gift Baskets of the Highest Quality

You can never go wrong with wine and chocolate when it comes to treating yourself. This wine and chocolate gift basket is ideal for wine lovers, since it contains suggestions on how to enjoy each item.

Don't be afraid to be inventive when it comes to mixing chocolate with wine.


FAQ ABOUT Wine in Russia


  • How can you send Russia gift baskets?

 In our wine baskets, we offer a cheese board and spreader for your picnic basket with the purchase of our red wine, cheese, crackers, cookies, and biscotti.

 It's impossible to find a better selection of gift hampers for delivery in Russia anyplace else online.


  • What are the best gift baskets for wine tasting?

It is possible to choose from a variety of gift baskets that already contain gourmet appetizers to accompany the bottle of wine.

 You can never go wrong with this basket: it comes with one bottle of Champagne and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. There are two halves to it: these and the other.

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