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  • Bake & Churn's Cookies & Cream Cookie

Bake & Churn's Cookies & Cream Cookie

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USD 83.05
Size: 8" x 11"
Shape: Rectangle.
Cake Layer: Moist Chocolate.
Ice Cream Layer: Midnight (chocolate-based) Cookies & Cream.
Filling: Chocolate Ganache.
Frosting: Chocolate Cream.
Toppings: Chocolate Sprinkles, Chocolate Bars, Cookies, Chocolate Truffles and Cherries.
Approximate size in inches: 8x11
Rectangle is the shape we're going for.
Layer of cake: Rich, decadent chocolate.
Cookies & Cream with a Dark Chocolate Sauce.
Chocolate Ganache is used as the filling.
Chocolate cream is used as a frosting.
Cookies, chocolate truffles, and cherries are some of the dessert toppings you can use.
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