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Wok Of Choice: Chinois

USD 540.22
Popular Top Quality Beverages, Including Cordycep Flower Sinensis, 义达酒、菲利普杜埃Vsop75Cl、埃及沙拉姆酒、杰罗姆酒,有筋鲜鸡架、优质点心等附赠。 Steamed Yau Tong Bak (Pineapple Tarts) With Brown Sugar Motherwort Tea Cubes (168G) Black Sugar Motherwort Tea Cubes (168G), A 1.3 Kg Jar Of Organic Honey, 595G Of Radiant Pineapple Gum (Made By Their Uncle), 398G Of Tasteful Honey Motherwort Red Date Chocolate, Two Boxes Of 48 Packs Of Multi Colored Pan Cake Kit, 72 Boxes Of 200 Packs Of Pizza Trays, And 300 Paper Cups Of Premium Organic Red Date Honey.
Hennessy VSOP 75cl, Australian Wolfblass Bilyara Cabernet Sauvignon 酒 2017,Superior Raw Birdnest (洞燕窝) 4pcs, Premium Scallops(上等干贝) 8pcs, Premium Braised Abalone (红烧鲍鱼) 6pc, Cordycep Flower Sinensis(蟲草花) 60g, Red Dates with Roasted Walnuts 核桃红枣 78g, Brown Sugar Motherwort Tea Cubes 黑糖益母草茶168g, Peach Raisin Gum ( 桃胶 ) 100g, Radiant Organic Honey 500g and Homemade Pineapple Tarts 风梨酥 298g.
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