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  • The Raya Basket Of Sweets

The Raya Basket Of Sweets

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USD 702.56
Godiva Carres Assorted Collection 36pc, Royce Chocolate Wafers Tiramisu Cream 120g, Al-Aqsa Premium Ajwa Dates 200g, Pistachio & Cashew Baklavas, Tamrieh & Ballorieh 498g in a keepsake Berlitz Tray, Lindt Lindor Extra Dark Chocolate 200g, Jalah Organic Promegranate Nectar 1 Litre, Ross Cottage Pisctachio Nougat 125g, Traditional Kelantanese Serunding 108g, Radiant Organic Honey 500g, Traditional Bangkit Bugis 138g, Semolina Cream Butter Cookies 108g, Ross Cottage Premium Latte Coffee 320g, Ole Ole Pandan Wafer Wraps 180g, Citrahana Walnut Crunch Cookies 180g and Ross Cottage Sweet Apricot 140g.
Get These Treats In A Fancy Berlitz Tray For A Lifetime Of Indulgence: Godiva Carres Assorted Collection 36Pc, Royce Chocolate Wafers Tiramisu Cream 120G, Al-Aqsa Premium Ajwa Dates 200G, Pistachio & Cashew Baklavas, Tamrieh & Ballorieh 498G. This Includes A 200G Box Of Lindt Lindor Extra Dark Chocolate, A 1-Liter Bottle Of Jalah Organic Promegranate Nectar, And Ross Cottage Pantonade Pandan Wafer Cups 180G, Ross Cottage French Lebelle 250G, Ross Cottage Milk Milk Fruit Cake With Pistachio Slices 350G, Ross Cottage Fiesta Signature House Chocolates 600G, Ross Cottage Champagne Truffles In Gold Wrapping 300G, Ross Cottage Italian Monodessert Salted Ricotta In Papier Filigree Glass Cup 25G, Ross Cottage Natural Cookies 55G, Ross Cottage Milk Riffa Ejaj 100G, Ross Cottage Raw Brown Sugar Peanut Crunch Cone 30G, Ross Cottage'S Signature Malaysian Iced Kopi Bomb 220G, Ross Cottage Raw Sugar Peanut Wafer (30G), And Ross Cottage Butter Icing 30G.
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