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Oriental Gift Hamper

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USD 183.6
Include Australian Tobiss Merlot (酒) 2012, Premium Flower Mushroom (花菇) 150g, Patchi Chocolates 108g, Black Woftberry (枸杞) 170g, Cordycep Flower Sinensis (蟲草花) 60g, Chrysanthemum Buds Flower(胎菊花茶) 100g, Premium Red Dates (红枣) 200g, Premium Gold Rose Bud Tea (金玫瑰茶) 100g, Ross Cottage Pineapple Tarts (风梨酥) 238g and Sweet Apricot (甜杏) 140g.
Wish You Sagely Wisdom With An Oriental Food Treasure Hamper In A Traditional Ruyi Weaveed Basket With Festive Ribbons. Includes Australian Merlot Tobiss (Moving On), 2012, Premium Flower Mushroom(Moving On) 150G, Black Woftberry (Moving On) 170G, Cordycep Flower Sinensis(Moving On), 60G, Chrysanthemum Buds Flower(Moving) To 100G, Premium Red Dates (Moving Over) 200G, Premium Gold Rose Bud Tea(Found) 100G, Ross Cottage Apfel Tarts(Mounting On) 238G And Sweet Apricot(Mounting To) 140G.
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