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Hennessy Vsop Oriental Festive

USD 357.82
Hennessy VSOP (酒) 70cl, Braised Abalone 4s (四头鲍鱼-Chile)160g, Godiva 6 Bars Selection, Cordycep Flower Sinensis (蟲草花) 50g, Superior Raw Birdnest (白燕窝) 3 pcs, Premium White Flower Mushroom (白花菇) 100g, Fish Maw (魚鰾) 80g, Homemade Pineapple Tarts (风梨酥) 238g, Sesame Honeycomb Cookies (蜂窝饼) 160g, Snow Fungus (雪耳) 150g and Floral Rosebud Tea (玫瑰茶) 30g.
Hennessy Vsop (Moving) 70Cl, Braised Abalone 4S (Moving To-Chile)160G, Godiva 6 Bars Selection, Cordycep Flower Sinensis (Moving To)50G, Superior Raw Birdnest (Moving From) 3 Pcs, Premium White Flower Mushroom (Moving To) 100G, Fish Maw (Moving) 80G, Homemad Pineapple Tarts (Moving To)238G, Sesame Honeycomb Cookies(Mounting)160G, Snow Fungus(Moving From) 150G And Floral Rosebud Tea (Moving) 30G.
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