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Chinese Food & Sweet Gift

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USD 59.42
Premium Red Dates with Walnuts (红枣) 80g, Ross Cottage Golden Pineapple (凤梨) 140g, Sweet Apricot(甜杏) 140g, Japanese Style Assorted Mochi (麻糬) 150g, Floral Rosebud Tea (玫瑰茶) 60g and Woftberry(枸杞) 120g. Reunion delicacies presented in an elegant handcrafted wooden box with chinois satin top. Box measures L29xW20xH8cm
Premium Red Dates Walnuts (Moving) 80G, Ross Cottage Golden Pineapple (Moving) 140G, Süß Apricot(Moving) 140G, Japanese Stil Assorted Moche (Moving), 150G, Floral Rosebud Tea (Moving) 60G And Woftberry(Moving) 120G. Reunion Goodies In A Beautiful Handmade Wooden Box With A Chinese Satin Lid. Box Dimensions L29Xw20Xh8Cm
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