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  • Chinese Food Bundle

Chinese Food Bundle

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USD 1163.16
Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac 750ml, Claro Cabernet Sauvignon Chilean 75cl, Chang Bai Shan Ginseng (长白山参) Roots, Imperial Tea Gift Set - Red Tea 250g and Da Hong Pau 125g, Superior Birdnest 4pcs, Premium Braised Abalone (红烧鲍鱼) 6pc, Dried Sea Cucumber(海参) 400g, Hong Kong Longevity Abalone Noodle 342g, Premium Flower Mushroom (花菇) 150g, Peach Raisin Gum ( 桃胶 ) 100g, Borneo Wild Honey ( 野蜂蜜 ) 210g and Cheong Hoong Crispy Fish (香脆鱼片)180g.
Red Wines Such As The Claro Cabernet Sauvignon Chilean, The Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, And A Roots Variety Of Ginseng Called Chang Bai Shan A Decadent Imperial Tea Gift Set Which Includes Red Tea, Red Tea Leaf (Which Helps Aid Digestion), Premium Tea Eggs, Wild Honey, Dried Mushrooms, Dried Sea Cucumber, Fish And Sea Cucumber Soup And Dumplings, Pearl Barley, And Soup.
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