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A Marvellous Chinese Festivity Basket

USD 139.64
Yunnan Meng Puerh Tea Cake (普洱) 360g, Abalone Slice (鲍鱼片) 80g, Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps & American Ginseng 6s (鸡精) x 70cl, Premium White Flower Mushroom (白花菇) 100g, Cordycep Flower Sinensis (蟲草花) 50g, Fatt Choy 发菜 15g, Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolates 70% 100g, Japanese Style Mochi (麻糬) Taro 210g, Longevity Scallop Noodle (长寿干贝面) 108g, Sweet Apricot (甜杏) 140g, Macau Almond Cake (杏仁饼) 305g, Sesame Honeycomb Cookies (蜂窝饼) 160g and Ross Cottage Golden Pineapple (凤梨) 100g.
Ross Cottage Has Over 60 Items In Stock, Ranging From In-Season Fruits And Vegetables, Baked Goods, Flowers, Condiments, Health Supplements, Rice, And Miscellaneous Groceries. Many Of The Products Are Gifts, Such As The Array Of Exotic Fruits And Tropical Flowers For Delivery On Special Occasions, Making Ross Cottage A Popular Delivery Spot.
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