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  • Boxes From Agen
    USD 488.27
  • T-Shape Box
    USD 390.61
  • Armagnac In A Wooden Crate
    USD 92.76
  • Retirement Hamper
    USD 585.92
  • Basket Of Sweet Delicacies
    USD 126.94
  • Gourmet Box With Special Italian Cuisine
    USD 92.22
  • Beer Gift Box From Spain
    USD 65.66
  • Vegetarian Gift Box
    USD 89.69
  • Ruby Red Wine Gift Box
    USD 97.28
  • Elegant Gourmet Basket
    USD 118.79
  • The Ultimate Gift Box
    USD 84.63
  • Fabulous Edible Present Choice
    USD 108.67
  • Box Full Of Goodies
    USD 133.97
  • Miniature Happiness  Box
    USD 97.28
  • Pasta With Pasta Sauces
    USD 79.57
  • Green Home Meals
    USD 92.22

In gourmet gift baskets, you'll often find an assortment of unique fruits, chocolates, dried fruits, nuts, energy bars, cheese, wine, and a wide range of other non-food products. Gift baskets filled with gourmet goodies are not only a wonderful way to show the people you care about how much you care about them, but they also help to make any event more memorable for the recipient.


Wine and gourmet food gift packages


  • Shiraz and savory gift basket for the Wine Lovers 

It doesn't matter what kind of event you're going to, this wine and gourmet gift basket is sure to be a hit no matter where you go. When putting together this gift basket, pick a tasty shiraz to go with the olives and antipasto that have been marinated in olive oil. The relish should be created with onion and balsamic vinegar, and it should also have salted pistachios and quality crackers.


  • Chocolates and red gift basket for the Chocolate lovers

Any connoisseur of red wine or chocolate will be delighted by these chocolate indulgences, which pair exquisitely with shiraz or merlot and are guaranteed to please. Include a bottle of Shiraz, both milk and dark chocolate, fudge made with chocolate and walnuts, as well as miniature chocolate bars made with chocolate and salted caramel.


Special occasion gourmet gift basket ideas for everyone


  • New home gourmet gift basket for your new neighbors

This delicious gift basket is the perfect present to send to someone to express your congratulations on the recent purchase of their new home or on their wedding. Make them this gift basket by loading it with some modern home products and some time-honored gourmet delights, and present it to them as a present for their new kitchen.


  • Gratitude gourmet gift basket

When you want to show your gratitude in a manner that goes beyond words yet words alone won't do, a gift basket loaded with gourmet meals and delicacies is the perfect method to do so. Include in your present basket a bottle of champagne, a variety of milk chocolate, raw wildflower honey, dark chocolate nuts, and a jasmine sweet pea soy candle.


Gourmet food gifts for the ones who are a great foodie


  • Champagne truffles for the ones who love luxurious things

Truffles are the pinnacle of chocolate decadence and make the perfect present for a pal who is passionate about high-quality chocolate. If your pal has a sweet tooth, consider buying them some chocolate truffles. You might offer them to people separately or put them in handcrafted gourmet gift baskets. Both options are acceptable.


  • Chocolate collection for the Chocolate lovers

If you have a friend who is chocolate-obsessed, you should definitely consider getting that person a large premium chocolate gift box filled with various gourmet chocolate pieces such as truffles, caramels, and pralines. You can be certain that the recipient will be overjoyed to receive such a present.


FAQs about Gourmet Gift Baskets in Luxembourg


  • Do you deliver gourmet gift baskets online in Luxembourg?

We provide exquisite gift baskets for delivery all around Luxembourg. Champagne, wines, fruits, and chocolates are just a few of the goodies you could find within one of our hand-made and packaged gourmet gift baskets. We provide competitive prices across the board and guarantee delivery anywhere in Luxembourg.


  • Can I send Gourmet gift hampers to Luxembourg?

Send Gourmet Goodies in Gift Baskets to Luxembourg Today! Your purchase will be sent to any area in Luxembourg.

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