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Riserva Lunelli Wine Basket

USD 169.49
The Riserva Lunelli Wine Basket is a very good gift for a dear friend's birthday or anniversary. You can also buy it for yourself and enjoy this wine on a fine evening with your friends and family members. Many people have bought it and have been very happy and satisfied with the taste of it.

The vintage wine , Riserva Lunelli from the Ferrari manufacturer stands out for its extraordinary structure. Sensational combination of tradition and innovation, a desire for experimentation together with respect for local traditions and the terroir. The elegance conferred by the elevations in wood makes it a rich, intriguing and harmonically complex wine. It boasts the Trento DOC certification and completes the line of products that characterize the Ferrari collection. Produced starting from the careful selection of Chardonnay grapes hand picked during the first half of September. The vinification foresees a period of 7 years on selected yeasts. The vineyards are grown in the town of Villa Margon, owned by the Lunelli family, at the foot of the mountains north of Trento.

Characteristics of the Spumante Ferrari Riserva Lunelli Doc
The alcohol content of Riserva Lunelli wine is 12.5% ​​Percentage volumes. The tasting notes bring an excellent wine to our attention. Full yellow, almost amber in color, the golden reflections against the light are very soft, the perlage is very fine and persistent. From the olfactory point of view, the sensations are enveloping, ample and of excellent intensity. The processing in oak barrels is returned in the form of complex and original notes that represent the intriguing component of the wine. At the sip the wine is exceptional, you immediately feel a perfect balance of typical varietal sensations, the toasted yeast and spices are pleasantly perceptible, the wood gives harmony and richness of structure.

Recommended pairings with this Ferrari sparkling wine
This white wine of Chardonnay Riserva Lunelli grapes, should be served as an aperitif together with savory snacks, olive or vegetable paté or together with light dishes of grilled and spiced vegetables. Excellent with grilled fish. It should be served at 12 ° C maximum, in tall and tapered glasses able to concentrate the perfume on the nose of the taster.
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