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USD 176.29
This stylish leather box contains 12 types of fresh fruits(about 18-22 pcs)(about 7KG/16LB)
Greenhouse Melon
Kirin Fruit
avocado/ Golden pear
Sugar apple/ seasonal fruit
Wax apple fruit
blueberries/imported boxed of fruits
grapes/ imported boxed of fruits
Japanese apples
mini kiwi fruits/ imported boxed fruit
Japanese Round Kumquat/imported boxed of fruits
Columbia golden berry/ imported boxed fruit
Man-made leather brown hamper with top strap
The brown color seems simple and small view is like a palm, but when opened is like a field that has been carefully and orderly arranged. Every fruit and vegetable is manually packaged and checked to meet the strictest export standard. And we guarantee that whether it's health, taste or freshness, all must be the best. The size of each type of fruit is recorded by digital technology, so no matter how it's packed, it's easy to operate according to the records on the packing list. This product contains 12 types of fruit(about 18-22 pcs) that are picked up on the farm. It's coated with anti-fouling paint and the surface is easy to clean.
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