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The Everything Basket

USD 175.24

When you are conflicted as to what to give as the perfect present, consider this basket because it contains
sweet, savoury and filling items.
This Gift consists of :
0.75l 11.5% vol Rotkäpchen Sparkling Wine
500 g Dallmayr Prodomo ground coffee
530 g Wiener sausages
400 ml Erasco Asparagus Cream soup
360 g Spreewald Apple compote
330 g Spreewald Pickled cucumbers
370 g Extra jam - from Bonne Maman®
300 g Fine Praline mix - partly with Spirits
250 g Langnese Wild blossom, Linden blossom or Fruit blossom Honey
200 g Gourmet platter - RügenFisch
200 g Fine biscuit mix from Lambertz from Aachen
150 g x 4 Types of Nut mix - Roasted and salted
80 g Goose Pate and,
75 g x 25 bags Messmer Fruit Tea mixture
in a Large Woven Willow Basket

  • large basket made of woven willow (nostalgic look) with a cuff
  • Rotkäpchen sparkling wine - medium dry 0.75l 11.5% vol
  • Dallmayr Prodomo ground coffee (500g)
  • Wiener sausages - extra crunchy, glass (530g)
  • Erasco asparagus cream soup (400ml)
  • Spreewald apple compote (360g)
  • Spreewald pickled cucumbers (330g)
  • Extra jam - from Bonne Maman®, in one of the flavors: strawberry, cherry, black cherry or strawberry-wild strawberry (370g)
  • fine praline mix - partly with spirits (300g)
  • Langnese wild blossom, lime blossom or fruit blossom honey (250g)
  • Gourmet platter - RügenFisch (200g)
  • Fine biscuit mix from Lambertz from Aachen (200g)
  • 4 types of nut mix - roasted and salted (150g)
  • Goose Pate (80g)
  • Messmer fruit tea mixture (25 bags = 75g)
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