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Primitivo meets Reserva

USD 155.05
  • Large gift box 360 x 236 x 82 mm .
  • 0.75l 2017 Primitivo Del Salento Varvaglione . 12.5% ​​vol. Alcohol.
  • 0.75l 2014 Castillo de Enquera Reserva Valencia DO . 14.2% vol. Alk. Already with its absolutely attractive dark red shimmering color this Reserva attracts all looks. It is matured in new American and French oak and then matured in bottles. The Reserva has a very pleasant texture, as Monastrell, Tempranillo and Syrah play together very harmoniously. Fine flavor and intense minerality, a strong and full-bodied organic red wine with a lot of potential. He was awarded the Gold Mundus Vini BIO Fach 2019.
  • 085g Tartufi Dolci Classico . Mixed chocolate truffles from Italy in the varieties bianchi, neri and extra neri. In a transparent case of 6. Sweet chocolate truffles from Piedmont. There it is made from regional hazelnuts and the finest chocolate. Regardless of the flavor: these truffles always go well. With a glass of Prosecco, a glass of wine, an espresso or just for in between.
  • 100g Galettes from Jaques Menou . Real French craftsmanship paired with the best ingredients result in this fine, buttery pastry specialty. Simply a treat!
  • 125g pralines duo . A union and a perfect fusion of milk chocolate and the finest white chocolate. These small, delicious praline balls are filled with a fine hazelnut cream. Ideal for giving away.
  • 150g Almendras fritas . This Spanish snack delicacy should not be missing in this gift. Salted, peeled and fried, the almonds have a very long tradition with wine, beer or simply as a snack.
  • 075g Buiteman Parmingiano biscuits . Wonderful oven-baked cheese pastries with real Parmigiano Reggiano DOP directly from the Emilia Romagna region / Italy. This pastry received the Great Taste Award 2016 for particularly good-tasting food in 2016. Creamy Parmesan and the crispy consistency of the pastry make it an absolute highlight.
  • 070g Le Florentins d'Armorine . Fine Florentine with orange, salted butter and dark chocolate.
  • 200g Black Label honey peanuts . These peanuts roasted in honey are perfect for special moments. The result is very harmonious. The roast, spices and honey are finely tuned to each other. A great accompaniment to a good glass.

In this gift basket the Italian Primitivo is curated along with Spanish Reserva to combine them into an exotic
and delightful experience.
This Gift consists of :
1 Primitivo Del Salento Varvaglione
1 Castillo de Enquera Reserva Valencia
1 Tartufi Dolci Classico
1 Galettes from Jaques Menou
1 Praline duo
1 Almendras Fritas
1 Buiteman Parmingiano Biscuits
1 Le Florentins d'Armorine and
1 Black Label Honey Peanuts
in a Large Gift Box

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