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Overflowing Snack Basket

USD 221.6
  • 0.75 l Vinum Nobile Pinot Noir red wine Winzergenossenschaft Oberkirch / Baden
  • 0.2 l Alter Willi pear brandy
  • 0.2 l hazelnut brandy
  • 90 g
  • cheese cakes with wine approx. 300 g Black Forest hut sausage
  • approx. 150 g original Black Forest ham
  • St. 4 organic salami snack with Urwaldpfeffer
  • 200 g organic ham sausage from the Swabian Hall pork
  • 200 g organic homemade liver sausage from the Swabian Hall pork
  • 130 ml whiskey mustard
  • 190 g apple and onion chutney Feines vom Land
  • 250 g wholemeal rye bread from Modersohn in a decorative tin
  • Packaging: gift basket with a bow

Give this gift filled with delicacies like wine, brandy, different kinds of meats and condiments to go with the
meat, making the experience purely a unique one.
This Gift consists of :
1 Vinum Nobile Pinot Noir Red Wine
1 Alter Willi Pear brandy
1 Hazelnut brandy
1 Pack Cheese biscuits with Wine
1 Black Forest Hüttenwurst
1 Original Black Forest ham
4 Organic salami snack with Urwaldpfeffer
1 Bio Ham sausage Schwäbisch Hällischen pig
1 Bio house Liver sausage from Schwäbisch Hällischen pig
1 Whiskey Mustard
1 Apple Onion Chutney Fine the country
1 Whole grain Rye bread Modersohn in a Decorative Box
in a Gift basket with Loop

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