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International Luxury Gift

USD 552.33

Find the luxury gift basket of your choice stocked only with the finest and most wonderful delicacies. Filled
with fine champagne and grappa, with delicacies from Italy, France, England and Germany - simply something
of the best from every country.
This Gift consists of :
1 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne Brut
1 French Almond cake
1 Roner Grappa Gold
1 Yellowbell Mini Pumpkins
1 Olive Crackers with Cheese
1 Fantasy Truffle
1 Crackers with Sea salt and Pepper
1 Sesame and Sea salt Crackers
1 French aioli
1 Terrine au Rocamadour
1 Terrine de Cerf a l'Armagnac
1 Terrine de Sanglier
1 Land Terrine with Plum Fritters
1 Cheddar with Country Herbs
1 Palets de Bretagne
1 Crispy Creperolles
1 Cubetti d'Arangia
1 Caramels de France
1 Orange Hazelnut chocolate and,
3 Orange Amaretti
in a Wooden Chest

  • Wooden chest
  • 0.75l Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne brut 12% vol. Alc . Fine champagne, packed in a separate gift box. This noble drink is probably the most famous drop from the champagne house Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin in Champagne. Known all over the world, it is drunk almost exclusively on very special occasions and fine menus. Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin has been growing wine for over 200 years and has been producing these fine wines for at least as long. During production, attention is paid to excellent quality, sophistication and elegance. It should of course not be missing in our VIP luxury gift basket and is an absolute must.
  • 240g French almond cake . The delicious Delice Amandier comes straightfrom Provence, where it is made according to an old, traditional familyrecipe. The taste of this special cake, which by the way is made without flour and is gluten-free, is characterized by an aromatic, lemony note as well as pleasant moisture and fluffiness.
  • 0.2l Roner Grappa Gold 42% vol. Alc . South Tyrolean grappa specialty , quietly aged in oak barrels. The composition of the pomace of Gewürztraminer and Vernatsch as well as Pinot Noir grapes results in this great grappa, which has received several awards and which is known and loved beyond the borders of Italy. It is characterized by its unique, round and intense taste, which can only be achieved by maturing in these barrels.
  • 250g Mini Pumpkins Yellowbell . Sweet and sour pickled and filled with a fine and creamy cream cheese preparation. This results in a slightly nutty as well as a sweet and sour aroma. They are wonderful companions to cheese, ham and sausage.
  • 150g olive crackers with cheese . Matching crackers to go with champagne and terrines in our luxury basket. Made with the finest olive oil. A wonderful snack with the Veuve Clicquot and a glass of wine.
  • 100g Fantasy Truffle . The finest, melt-in-the-mouth French chocolate truffles with an orange aroma, made according to an old family recipe.
  • 075g crackers with sea salt and pepper . Delicious tart and spicy specialty from Verduijin's, which is refined with fresh pepper from the mill. Aromatic and absolutely delicious.
  • 075g sesame and sea salt crackers . Also an absolute cracker delicacy from the house mentioned above. They are often used as a base for spreads, but they are also a real pleasure on their own.
  • 085g French aioli . Cream with garlic and oil, finely seasoned, straight from Provence. Very tasty with meat and fish dishes, to refine salad creams or with all kinds of starters.
  • 065g Terrine au Rocamadour . Cheese terrine from France refined with walnuts.
  • 065g Terrine de Cerf a l'Armagnac . Very noble deer terrine, also from France, which is made with a shot of Armagnac.
  • 080g Terrine de Sanglier . Wild boar terrine with merlot and blueberries. Something very special on a crispy baguette or served with crackers on a fine wild herb salad. A great appetizer, but also just as a cold supper something Great.
  • 180g terrine with plum fritters d. A spicy, piquant terrine, which gets a distinctive taste through the addition of plum brandy. Great for a starter course or just like that on a piece of bread, baguette or crackers.
  • 300g cheddar with country herbs . English cheese specialty that has been refined with fine herbs.
  • 120g Palets de Bretagne . A French pastry specialty with hazelnuts
  • 100g crispy creperolles . Fine crepé pastry delicacy from France with a Cheddar cheese filling. Ideal with a glass of champagne!
  • 040g Cubetti d'arangia . Delicious candied oranges with a wafer-thin chocolate coating.
  • 050g Caramels de France . Exceptionally delicious Breton caramel candy made with salted butter. To melt away!
  • 100g orange hazelnut chocolate . Hand-stirred milk chocolate, topped with candied orange pieces and hazelnut kernels. Collage chocolate from Meybona.
  • 023g orange amaretti (3 pieces / 23g per piece) An Italian pastry delicacy that is ideal with a cup of coffee.
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