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East German Gift Basket

USD 130.87

Every country, every region has its own specialties. Each stands for a culinary delight that no one should
miss. All of these diverse specialties that the individual federal states offer can be found in this basket.
This Gift consists of :
0.75l 11.5% vol Rotkäppchen sparkling wine semi-dry
500 g Rondo Melange ground coffee
450 g Original Mühlhäuser strawberry jam
400 g Harzer Spiced Meat (Ragout Fin)
250 ml Bautz`ner Mustard medium hot
160 g Halberstadt tender Liver sausage
125 g Original Halloren balls - Cream Cacao
125 g Wikana shortbread biscuits
120 g Scomber Mix von RügenFisch
100 g Nugana by Zetti
100 g Dark chocolate from Zetti
62.5 g Brockensplitter
50 g x 2 Fine, Melting Nougat from Viba
40 g Fruit tea with Strawberry aroma from Goldmännchen and,
50 x 70 cm Tea towel
in an Oval Wicker Basket with Handle

  • robust oval wicker basket shell
  • Rotkäppchen sparkling wine semi-dry 0.75l 11.5% vol
  • Rondo Melange ground coffee (500g)
  • original Mühlhäuser strawberry jam (450g)
  • Harzer Spiced Meat (Ragout Fin) - (400g)
  • Bautz`ner mustard medium hot (250ml)
  • Halberstadt tender liver sausage (160g)
  • original Halloren balls - Cream Cacao (125g)
  • Wikana shortbread biscuits (125g)
  • Scomber Mix von RügenFisch - Mackerel fillets with vegetables and tomato paste (120g)
  • Nugana by Zetti - milk chocolate with melt-in-the-mouth nougat (100g)
  • Dark chocolate from Zetti (100g)
  • Brockensplitter - hazelnut brittle with dark chocolate (62.5g)
  • 2x fine, melting nougat from Viba (50g each)
  • Fruit tea with strawberry aroma from Goldmännchen (40g)
  • Tea towel 50 x 70 cm (can vary in color)
  • Decorative flowers
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