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Miraculous Fishing Basket

USD 99.6

Filled with typical products from our regions like traditional cookies, caramels, dark chocolate Gavottes, fleur de
sel, jam, terrine, salicornia, rillettes, bottle of cider to enhance your taste buds.
This Gift consists of :
1 Box of Sugar cookies 300g
1 Sachet of Crunchy Caramel 150g
6 Dark chocolate Gavottes
1 Canvas bag of Fleur de sel with its shovel 100g
1 Jar of Strawberry Honey jam 120g
1 Terrine of Lobster 90g
1 Pot of Samphire 45g
1 Rillettes of Saint Jacques and,
1 Bottle of Raw cider 75cl
in a Gift Basket

  • 1 box of sugar 300g cookies
  • - 1 sachet 150g of crunchy caramel
  • - 6 dark chocolate gavottes
  • - 1 canvas bag, 100g of fleur de sel with its shovel
  • - 1 jar of strawberry honey jam 120g
  • - 1 terrine 90g of lobster
  • - 1 pot of samphire 45g
  • - 1 rillettes of Saint Jacques
  • - 1 75cl bottle of raw cider
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