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  • Rum Infused Gourmet Ensemble

Rum Infused Gourmet Ensemble

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USD 191.29
The Gift Consists of
•Rum Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 35% 0.7l
•Fever-Tree drink "Premium Madagascan Cola" 0.2l - 1 piece
•Avon Ragobert Trio De Musses trio of delicate pâtés 234g- 1 piece
•Encona Texas hot sauce 142ml- 1 piece
•Piacelli tomato pesto 190g– 1 piece
•Piacelli mushrooms pickled in sunflower oil 280g- 1 piece
•Stiratini crackers "Sesame" 250g - 1 package.
•Stiratini Italian grissini with olive oil 250g 1 package
•Mogyi roasted salted cashews 70g — 1 package
•Venchi dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts 100g - 1 piece
•Venchi chocolate cigar with orange filling 100g- 1 piece
•Niederegger marzipan loaf with nougat filling 75g- 1 piece .
•Camille Bloch Ragusa milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts 50g- 1 piece
•Venchi candies "Cubotto Chocaviar Creme Cocoa"- 2 pieces .

•All products and drinks are delivered in beautiful gift baskets with a bow and high-quality packaging.
The Rum Infused Gourmet Ensemble embodies a luxurious assortment of delectable treats and premium beverages, combining the exquisite Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum with an array of tantalizing culinary delights.

At its core, the Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum, a 0.7-liter bottle with a 35% alcohol content, sets the tone with its smooth, spiced notes, infusing the collection with its rich Caribbean flavors.

To complement the rum, the Fever-Tree Premium Madagascan Cola, a 0.2-liter bottle, serves as a delightful mixer, offering a high-quality cola experience that pairs harmoniously with the rum's nuanced profile.

The Avon Ragobert Trio De Musses, a trio of delicate pâtés weighing 234g, elevates the gourmet aspect of the ensemble, presenting an array of tantalizing flavors that perfectly complement the richness of the rum.

Adding a spicy kick, the Encona Texas hot sauce in a 142ml bottle introduces zesty flavors that enhance the culinary journey.

Further enhancing the gastronomic experience, the Piacelli tomato pesto and mushrooms pickled in sunflower oil, weighing 190g and 280g respectively, provide bursts of flavor and texture.

Accompanying these savory offerings are the Stiratini crackers with sesame and Italian grissini with olive oil, each in 250g packages, offering a delightful crunch and subtle nuances that complement the entire assortment.

For those with a sweet tooth, the ensemble includes Venchi's dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts, a chocolate cigar with orange filling, and Niederegger's marzipan loaf with nougat filling, presenting a spectrum of indulgent flavors.

Adding a final touch of sweetness, the Camille Bloch Ragusa milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts and Venchi candies, specifically the ""Cubotto Chocaviar Creme Cocoa,"" offer exquisite confectionery experiences.

Presented in beautifully crafted gift baskets adorned with a bow, each item is meticulously arranged, exuding elegance and sophistication, making the "Rum Infused Gourmet Ensemble" an ideal gift for connoisseurs and enthusiasts seeking a luxurious epicurean experience.
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