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  • Decadent Confections & Sparkling Delight

Decadent Confections & Sparkling Delight

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USD 170.39
The Gift Consists of:
• Sekt Schlumberger “Sparkling”
• Lindt balls "Lindor Assorted" 100g-— 1 package .
• Venchi white chocolate 100g-— 1 package
• Lindt chocolate box "Swiss Luxury Selection" 145g— 1 package
• Lindt balls "Lindor Hazelnut"- 4 pieces
• Venchi Torrone nougat bar with gianduja 200g — 1 package
• Niederegger cream-chocolate nougat "Nougat Sahne" 50g- 1 package
• Niederegger marzipan bar "Walnuss Rum-Krokant" 40g- 1 piece .
• Don Gastronom oak pate 100g — 1 piece
• Virginia Italian Amaretti pastry- 2 pieces
• All products and drinks are delivered in beautiful gift baskets with a bow and high-quality packaging.
Indulge in the opulence of the Decadent Confections & Sparkling Delight gift set, a luxurious assortment crafted to delight the senses with exquisite flavors and effervescent pleasures.

At its heart lies the Sekt Schlumberger “Sparkling,” effervescing with effervescent charm, setting the tone for a celebration. The array of Lindt chocolates beckons—Lindor Assorted balls (100g) and Lindor Hazelnut balls alongside the Swiss Luxury Selection box (145g), promising a journey through luxurious Swiss chocolate craftsmanship. Venchi's 100g white chocolate bar and Torrone nougat bar with gianduja (200g) offer creamy and indulgent bites of Italian excellence.

The Niederegger delights add a touch of sophistication—a 50g Nougat Sahne cream-chocolate nougat and a 40g Marzipan bar with Walnut Rum-Krokant, both epitomizing the brand's mastery in marzipan and nougat creations.

For savory indulgence, the Don Gastronom oak pate (100g) presents a rich, flavorful companion, while the Virginia Italian Amaretti pastries (2 pieces) provide a delightful contrast with their sweet, almond-infused essence.

Each meticulously selected item is presented in beautifully arranged gift baskets adorned with bows, encased in high-quality packaging. "Decadent Confections & Sparkling Delight" is more than a gift; it's an invitation to savor the finest flavors and experience the essence of luxury, making it an ideal choice for those who relish indulgence or as a gesture to mark a special occasion with a touch of grandeur.
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